Weapon X #14

    Weapon X » Weapon X #14 - Sinister's List released by Marvel on December 1, 2003.

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    This stand-alone story features the return of Mister Sinister! 'Nuff Said!


    At Weapon X, a coup d'etat has caused the group's leader, The Director to be removed from his position of power and has been replaced by his former second-in-command, Agent Brent Jackson.

    Now, the military branch of Weapon X had been left in a state of recovery but its research facilities remained completely intact. Neverland, a mutant concentration camp, is therefore unaffected and remains under the control of Dr. Windsor.

    Yet, Weapon X remains unaware that Dr. Windsor is truly Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister, a man obsessed with being the one to create a species superior to humanity. To him the endless supply of mutants being shipped into his facility is all he could ever want...

    1944: World War II is as strong-going as ever, the Nazis still continue their fight and so America has brought in their secret weapons, the Invaders. A team of superbeings, Namor, Human Torch and Captain America...they are the allies last line of defense and have proven themselves worthy to be known as such.

    Yet, little do these three heroes know, that one of them is already under the watchful eye of a man who lives in the shadows. A man called, Nathaniel Essex...

    It is 1944. The Sub-Mariner propels his body from the ocean depths, so that the enraged Atlantean now flies above the waters. Viewed through the periscope of a Nazi submarine, the "perfect specimen" dives back down and the Nazis brace themselves for impact as Namor tears through their submarine.

    Inside the flooding submarine, bewildered Nazis fire at Namor but to no avail. This was the opportunity, the opportunity Essex had been waiting for, before him now stood the perfect specimen for his scientific studies.

    Essex's search for a mighty Homo Superior individual could finally come to an end, as even he knew after living by "survival of the fittest" that the Atlantean-human hybrid, Namor was "the fittest". The Sub-Mariner finds himself in a close combat fight with Baron Strucker but after only a short time he is easily tosses the man aside.

    Yet as Namor has his back turned, Master Man impales the mutant with the pole of a Nazi flag, driving it deep into the hybrid's body. Believing himself to be the victor, Master Man is proved wrong when Namor pulls out the rod and throws it aside as he leaps upon the Nazi, driving him deeper into the water.

    Nathaniel is shocked at his good fortune and initially finds himself unable to move but slowly he approaches the Nazi flag and holding it in his hands, he seems lost in his own world.

    As the waters begin to reach Nathan's waist a hand comes down on his shoulder, bringing him out of his daze as the bearer of the hand shouts, "Nathan! Mein Gott -- what are you doing?! Have you not noticed the ship is sinking?"

    Nathaniel turns to look at Klaus, calling him a true friend to the last he then places his gloved hand over the man's mouth and with a twist snaps the Nazi's neck.

    Thinking to himself that was he is doing now is more important than even his own life, that it is life he pulls out a piece of metal and a vial. He then uses the sharpened metal piece to scrape Namor's blood off the flagpole, collecting the specimen's DNA in the vial.

    Now that Sinister possesses what he had wanted he knows that the “Third Reich” has served its purpose in his plans and knowing that he no longer needs it, he abandons the group.

    Yet he realizes that- surprising as at it is -the Nazis, whom he refers to as "goose-stepping cretins", actually inspired some of his future works. But to accomplish these tasks he would need some help, from a man named John Greycrow.

    Surrounded by American army officers, John Greycrow has his hands behind his back as his whole body is tied to a post and he is blindfolded. The commanding officer of the group relays a speech to Greycrow explaining that he is to be executed for his murdering and then scalping of eight fellow officers.

    He then walks up to Greycrow, with Nick Fury at his side and asks the sightless John one last question, "Do you have any last words before we carry out this sentence."

    John laughs as he says 'yeah' and then proceeds to spit in the officer's face. Nick flares up in anger and grabs Greycrow by the throat, bringing back his fist with which to beat his former comrade.

    But the officer tells him there is no need because there's no laughing where John Greycrow is going...with that the firing squad readies their guns and at the drop of their commander's hand they all fire, hitting John in both the chest and gut, killing him instantly.

    They then proceed to place his corpse in a body bag, bury said bagged corpse near a tombstone that reads John Greycrow and some other indiscernible writing. After that, the soldiers leave and presumambly forget about the man they just murdered.

    But as night falls, the dirt breaks as a hand bursts forth from the grave. Slowly an arm and head emerge as John seemingly rises from the dead, but he is not alone. A voice speaks out to him, "What took you so long?"

    John is at a loss for words as he still remains partially in the grave. He sees Sinister watching him from just a few feet away and wonders out loud how the man knew.

    As Sinister grabs John's hand and helps him escape his earthen prison he almost laughs as he says that it's quite simple, this sort of thing is his business to know.

    He continues by listing some of John's special abilities and tells him, "I'm sure we can find a good use for them..."

    In the morn, Nathaniel and John stand at the train station, Essex lost in thought. He thinks of how it is often said that Hitler makes the trains run on time, and though this is true, Sinister feels its what's inside the trains that really matters.

    For this was the greatest flaw of the Nazis, the way they wasted their resources simply to exterminate a race. What is the reasoning behind exterminating a race, when they could be used for science instead.

    Sinister than sees a Nazi man standing at the train station as well and says he's exactly the man who can help him. At this, he begins to show the man a list of names of individuals Sinister claims were wrongfully arrested.

    The man is quick to tell him that the Third Reich does not make mistakes. Sinister tries to get his way by saying who he is but the man already knew his identity and tells Herr Essex it will get him nowhere.

    But the devious Nathan says that if he doesn't get his way he may have to mention the fact that one man's ancestry isn't as Aryan as he's made it out to be. The Nazi is shocked and afraid at hearing this and wonders how Sinister could know such a thing. So it is that he decides to look over Sinister's List.

    Nathan and John once again stand at the train station, though now several people stand around, thanking them. A little girl looks at them innocently and John mutters to Sinister, "I don't know boss...sometimes I even feel sorry for them. I mean, here they are, thinkin' ya just saved them from a death sentence...when where you're really taking them might actually be worse."

    Though Sinister admits to himself that Scalphunter's words did indeed hurt him he bears through the pain by thinking of the good. Could John not see the good behind it all, the young girl had given her life for a great cause, if not for her, Experiment N2 may never have been born.

    Experiment N2: At that moment, it was Sinister's greatest work. A creation made from Namor's blood, it was to be the next step in the evolutionary chain, brought about by Dr. Essex. As he gazes at the unmoving Sub-Mariner like body in the tank Sinister hears a disturbance when his equipment alerts him of the arrival of the Invaders.

    While watching a screen displaying two of the Invaders -Namor in the forefront and the Human Torch in the background- Sinister asks himself, is N2 ready for the challenges he must face? Scalphunter interrupts the thought process as he declares that the two must leave quickly, they have been found.

    Nathan tells John he is well aware of the situation and that they shall evacuate, though N2 shall be dispatched to take care of their intruders. Hearing a crash, the two men turn to see N2's broken holding chamber, with no sign of life seems he was eager to perform his primary function.

    In a rage, Namor tears the gate to Sinister's compound off its hinges, expressing his disgust for humanity to Human Torch who is following him. Jim Hammond tells Namor that it is times like this that he is glad not to be human.

    Yet as he speaks to Namor, a swift punch from N2 comes out of the shadows as the two Invaders are caught off guard. Namor believes himself to have this match however and is surprised when N2 hoists him off the ground and drains him of all moisture.

    Sinister is proud of his experiment, created specifically to target the Invaders. Essex thinks there is no way N2 can lose when he douses the Human Torch with the water he drained from the Sub-Mariner.

    N2 is standing triumphantly, apparently having defeated the Invaders singlehandedly. Yet as Captain America's shield strikes his head, he turns, it seems that the Invaders had one last card to play. A card that Sinister had not expected...

    Steve Rogers strides into the fight, seemingly with utmost confidence, but he is not met with a gentle adversary. N2 begins expelling streams of water at the Captain as soon as he regains his composure but Steve deflects it all with his Shield. It seems N2 has nothing special with which to defeat Rogers, though not because Sinister forgot Cap but because he underestimated him.

    Why should he have expected anything from him, Captain America was just a man...nothing more. Yet in surprise Sinister watches as Steve repeatedly lays blow after blow on his Experiment. Eventually pushing him up against the wall, Captain America deals the fatal strike unto N2 as his shield cuts into the experiment's chest.

    From inside the building, Sinister watches the screen, having witnessed Cap's victory and experienced the unexpected. He watches as Steve stands victoriously over N2's body and fades into the shadows, remembering the valuable lesson he learned that day, "No matter how scientific your reasoning is, no matter how "well-prepared" you think you are...never under-estimate the unexpected."

    That lesson helped Sinister survive for decades and it was this survival that allowed him to see history repeat itself and a chance for his experimentation to begin anew.

    It seems that Weapon X has provided him with the best possible grounds for his work and as Dr. Windsor he has gained far more opportunities than he ever expected.

    At times though had thought the jig was up, such as when Sabretooth recognized Sinister's scent or The Director became overly interested in the man's work at Neverland. Yet, as always Sinister outlasted his adversaries and overcame his obstacles, and so he shall do always.

    In his laboratory, Sinister is diligently at work...bodies strapped to tables around him. A man pleads with him as he moves over to a body identified as Wendy and injects her with some substance.

    Nathaniel tells the conscious man that he is simply injecting a secondary mutation as he had done to was work from years ago that he was only now revisiting.

    Immediately, Wendy begins to cough and gasp for breath, soon going still. A frustrated Sinister mutters, "Damn it all to hell...183 tries...183 dead."

    He then calls Scalphunter over to give him his orders, he begins by telling him to prepare Wendy for her autopsy when the two turn around after hearing a cough.

    Scalphunter asks, "What was that?" when Sinister walks over to Wendy, putting his hands on her and confirming she is alive.

    With a smile he answers, "the unexpected..."



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