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Terrible Characterization

It seems clear by this point that Pak isn't good for these characters. The only reason I gave this a 2 is the art. Pak's mistreatment of most of the cast has been going for 15 chapters now -counting the Totally Awesome Hulk chapters. Lady Deathstrike is nothing but a prop. Warpath's powers change based on plot. Meanwhile, Sabretooth & Domino are caricatures. Domino has been reduced to a money-fetish and Creed has been reduced to an unthinking animal. Both things that other writers have been guilty of with these characters.

We open with the team hunting deer for dinner, and already we have problems. One is only Warpath knowing how to hunt. He leads the team on the hunt, and has to give everyone signals to be successful, They mess up and the deer escape. Since when can Sabretooth & Logan not hunt? There's no explanation needed for why that made no sense. Strike one for Pak in just 1 page.

Domino's characterization is very bad. The entire opening scene, she's talking about money. She brings up twice that she wants to rob a bank. She's a merc, but demoting her to a bank robber is oversimplifying. Then when they get a chance for a mission in Santo Marco, Domino once again starts talking about the bank job -mentioning the drug money they could get in Santo Marco's bank.

Next is Warpath, after he gets the distress message from the man he gave his number to last arc. His reason for wanting to help is because he and the guy are the same race. Covering his inconsistent powers, Warpath was shown to be bulletproof and needing to wear flying wings like his teammates in this chapter. Earlier in the series he was shown to be able to fly -meaning he shouldn't need the wings. He was also randomly given a healing factor earlier, which he wouldn't need if he's invulnerable.

Finally, there's Sabretooth. Since AXIS, he's been a good guy, and is still written as such in Brisson's Iron Fist. Pak seems to have ignored this and just reset him to a villain. Throughout the series, he's only been around to act like a brat and get jobbed. This chapter is the same thing. In the beginning, he complains about how the team won't kill and it's no fun. When they reach Santo Marco, he doesn't listen to anyone and runs off half-cocked to do what he wants. He eventually charges into a building of enemy soldiers, runs right into traps, and gets shot a new ass. Creed isn't supposed to be this dumb. He's a criminal mastermind, tracking & stealth expert, in addition to being a former CIA operative. But Pak just writes him as a brute with no skills or intelligence.

Finally there's Nuke, who only wants to join with the team because the enemy is wearing his flag. Such strong motivations for this group that make you care, huh? /sarcasm.

Pak just isn't a good writer for these characters. This chapter reinforced that. The arc isn't off to a good start because of Pak's inability to properly write most of the cast. All of them are lacking depth & a legit reason to be sticking together. And when they do get focus, they're ooc.

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