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A well worn mixtape, a stolen convertible, a duffel bag full of cash, a fully loaded .45, and super-powers. Seventeen and on the run is the only way to see America right. Teenage outcast Duncan and popular girl Madison share a secret - they can do things other people can't. But their abilities take them down a dangerous path. After a deadly accident they are left with no choice: leave home and never come back. We Can Never Go Home is a new chance to fall in love with the doomed misfits who need to run away to find themselves.

The chapter/story title, "What We Do Is Secret," is a classic punk rock song by Germs.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AMichael Walsh1
BCover BDavid Murdoch17
CCover CJosh Hood & Hana Nakamura18
RE"Bad Brains" Variant (Exclusive to Phantom Variant shops)Rex Banner & Josh Hood19
RE"Bad Brains" Sepia Variant (Limited to 50 copies; exclusive to ?)Rex Banner & Josh Hood13
RE"Big Black" Variant (Exclusive to various stores)Rex Banner & Josh Hood20
RE"Big Black" Sepia Variant (Limited to 50 copies; exclusive to ?)Rex Banner & Josh Hood11
RE"Black Flag" Variant (Exclusive to Beach Ball Comics)Rex Banner & Josh Hood21
RE"Gang of Four" Variant (Exclusive to Eh! network of comic shops)Rex Banner2
RE"Minor Threat" Variant (Exclusive to Third Eye Comics)Rex Banner & Josh Hood22
RE"Sid & Nancy" Variant (Exclusive to Forbidden Planet)David Murdock8
RE"Sonic Youth" Variant (Exclusive to New England Comics)Rex Banner3
RE"The Smiths" Variant (Exclusive to Ssalefish Comics)Rex Banner & Taylor Cabaniss4
REBAM!/2nd & Charles Exclusive Variant Cover (Homage to Misfits)Rex Banner12
REForbidden Planet & Jetpack Comics Exclusive Variant Covers?9
REHot Topic Exclusive Variant Cover?15
RELCSD Limited Edition Exclusive Variant (Part of the Black Mask LCSD Box Set only available at ComicsPro shop)Amancay Nahuelpan5
REPhantom Exclusive Blank Variant Cover (Limited to ? copies)-Missing
RERick's Comic City Exclusive Variant CoverAmancay Nahuelpan13
RESecret Box Set Limited Edition Exclusive (Part of another Black Mask Box Set)Alexis ZirittMissing
Var"Descendants"/ECCC Exclusive Variant Cover (Limited to 100 copies)Rex Banner & Josh Hood23
VarBaltimore Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover (Limited to 200 copies)Tyler Boss6
VarNYCC Exclusive Variant Cover (Limited to 50 copies)Ramon Villalobos14
VarSDCC Exclusive Variant Cover (Limited to 50 copies)Alexis Ziritt7
2ndSecond Printing CoverJosh Hood24
3rdThird Printing CoverTyler Boss16


  • Cover B is re-used from a convention exclusive of "We Can Never Go Home" published via Ardden Entertainment. According to the writers "the Ardden printing is basically a different book. It’s from a few years ago, has different art and a different story."
  • Many covers are homages to covers of the creators' favorite punk rock albums (as noted).
  • Unless otherwise noted, the retailer exclusive variants are limited to 250 copies.
  • There are two versions of the Hot Topic Variant - the regular one and a printing error with a price tag at $5.99 instead of $4.50.
  • The LCSD and Secret Exclusive variants are part of two different box set with the same set of comics (see below) but different variant covers.
  • Interlocking Covers:
  • Forbidden Planet/Jetpack variants of issues #1-3
  • NYCC Exclusive variants of issues #1-5
  • Rick's Comic City variants of issues #1-3
  • The "Local Comic Shop Day" variants (all part of the Black Mask LCSD Box Set):
  • The wraparound covers of the third (#1) and second printings (#2-3) have a connecting pavement in the foreground - their background images do not really connect though.
Connecting NYCC variants
Connecting NYCC variants
Connecting Rick's Comic City variants
Connecting Rick's Comic City variants
Connecting LCSD variants
Connecting LCSD variants

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