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The White Sox weren't always called the White Sox, as they were first created as a minor league team named "Sioux City", founded in 1894. After only one season Charles Comiskey noticed the team was doing well and purchased it. He decided the team would relocate to St. Paul Minnesota under the same name, Sioux City. 5 years later they would again relocate to Chicago, where they would end up staying for years to come. But this wasn't the ending of the many changes they would make. In 1901 the American League was merged into the Major League Baseball corporation, and the previously named Sioux City would again change names to the Chicago White Stockings. In their first year in the league, they won the Championship, but this did not count as a World Series championship because the World Series was not introduced until 1904. They would only go with The White Stockings title for 4 years, as in 1905 they again changed names to the Chicago White Sox, and would end up sticking with it.

1906 World Series

This particular World Series was almost a dream matchup for any Chicago fan, as it showcased the Chicago White Sox facing the crosstown Chicago Cubs. The Cubs, with a record of 116-36, out favored the 93-58 White Sox. The White Sox had a poor offense and the team was mainly held together by its amazing rotation. The first game of the series was a perfect example of their style as they pulled away with a 2-1 victory. Their pitching failed them in game 2, however, as they lost with a score of 7-1. Game 3 showcased a complete game shutout by Ed Walsh, only allowing three hits, as they won 3-0. The Cubs won game four behind a one-hit shutout by Mordecai Brown, as they ran away with a 1-0 victory. After a poor offensive 4 games, the White Sox sparked in game 5 and ran away with an 8-6 victory, behind Frank Isbells 4 doubles (a record) en route to 12 hits for the White Sox. In the final game of the series, the White Sox smashed the Cubs and cruised away with an 8-3 victory, sealing their first World Series Title.

1917 World Series

In 1917 the White Sox had arguably one of their most successful seasons, pulling away with 100 wins to go along with only 54 losses and 2 ties, their best single-season winning percentage to date. Through their winning ways they were congratulated with an opportunity to play in the Fall Classic, and they did not disappoint. The White Sox were matched up against the 98-56 New York Giants. Chicago took game one of the series with a score of 2-1, as they barely managed to crawl away with the win. If not for Happy Felschs homerun, the outcome of the game would have been totally different. Chicago also won game 2 with a final tally of 7-2, thanks in part to Shoeless Joe's two-run single, who was responsible for the games winning run. Chicago lost games 3 and 4 with final totals of 8-5 and 10-7, respectively. Things were not looking good for Chicago as they lost any and all momentum they had, as the series was even once again at 2 apiece. The White Sox were losing for most of game 5, being down 5-2 in the 7th inning. Realizing they needed to win this game, they knocked 3 runs on their All-Star closer Red Faber, tieing the game. After another inning, in the 8th, they managed to score another 3 runs, with Eddie Cicotte driving in the last with an RBI single. After this prolific comeback, the White Sox were up with a commanding 3-2 series lead. In-game six they scored 3 runs in the 4th and would keep this lead until the end of the game, finishing with a score of 4-2. The White Sox where once again Champions only 11 years after their previous one.


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