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Led Zeppelin was started in 1968. The band was originally called The Yardbirds. Led Zeppelin got their name when Jimmy Page was talking to Keith Moon and John Enwhistle of the Who and asked them to join his band. Keith said "That would go down like a lead balloon" and then John added "more like a Led Zeppelin". The band later broke up after drummer John Bonham died in 1980. Later reunited on July 13 1985 for the Live Aid concert, again on May 14 1988 with John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham, on drums, and later on December 10 2007 with Jason on drums again.


  • Led Zeppelin I
  • Led Zeppelin II
  • Led Zeppelin III
  • Led Zeppelin IV
  • Houses of the Holy
  • Physical Graffiti
  • Presence
  • In Through the Out Door
  • Coda


Robert Plant- Vocals

Jimmy Page- Lead Guitar

John Paul Jones- Bass, Keyboards

John Bonham- Drums


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