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WWE Superstars (Super Genius Comics)

Seth Rollins is a cop in Titan City.

Wrestling career

Colby Lopez is the real name of professional wrestler Seth Rollins. He is a Davenport, Iowa native.

Indie Career

Before his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, Lopez has enjoyed success as a professional wrestler in several independent/non-televised promotions, including AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling), All American Wrestling, Full Impact Pro (FIP), Independent Wrestling Association- Mid-South (IWA-Mid-South), Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling, and NWA Midwest. In Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor (RoH), Lopez partnered with Jimmy Jacobs, holding tag team titles with him in both organizations. As Tyler Black, Lopez was a member of Jacobs' faction, the Fall.


After success in the WWE's new developmental territory, NXT (the former Florida Championship Wrestling), Lopez debuted on WWE television as Seth Rollins alongside fellow NXT alumni, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as "the Shield." Clad in police riot gear, the so-called "Hounds of Justice," were booked as heels, initially allied with then-heel CM Punk and then the Authority. With Reigns, Seth Rollins won the WWE Tag Team titles, but they lost the belts in a match to the Brotherhood after interference by the Big Show. The Shield also won three Slammy Awards in 2013 for Faction of the Year, for Breakout Star(s) of the Year, and for Trending Now (Hashtag) of the Year [#BelieveInTheShield].

Feud with Evolution and Treachery

As Rollins, Lopez and the other members of the Shield have been booked against opponents under the pretense of enforcing the Authority's will. Despite being pushed as heels, the trio gained an overwhelming amount of fan support. This led to the decision to gradually transition them into babyfaces. After a short feud with "Corporate Kane," who more closely represented the interests of the Authority (Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon), the Shield turned on Triple H. To match the trio in number, Triple H reformed Evolution with Randy Orton and Batista; former Evolution member Ric Flair retired from the WWE, but made a rare appearance as a non-wrestler, voicing support for the Shield over his own former faction. Rollins and the Shield were booked with two PPV wins over Evolution in six-man matches at Extreme Rules, and the following month at Payback.

On the June 2, 2014 episode of Raw, Batista apparently left Evolution. Roman Reigns and Randy Orton were to compete against one another, but Rollins betrayed the Shield, attacking both Ambrose and Reigns from behind with a chair and then standing over their prone bodies with Orton and Triple H. A week later, he revealed in an interview with Michael Cole that he was the architect of the Shield, and that he felt like he was severing a business relationship with partners in order to evolve, rather than betraying the bonds of fellowship. At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, Rollins became the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship titles with assistance from Kane. The next night on Raw, Dean Ambrose vowed to thwart all of Rollins attempts to cash in his championship opportunity, and did just that when it appeared as though Rollins might capitalize on a seemingly down and out champion, John Cena.


  • Super Agility - Rollins is incredibly agile and he is shown to be able to perform some of the most advanced flying moves with relative ease and care such moves include the Phoenix Splash, Somersault Senton and formerly the Sethwalker(Standing Shiranui). He is able to perform a suicide dive and land on his feet immediately, effectively avoiding injury or damage whereas the other superstars would be damaged after performing the dive. He is able to time his knee strikes and leap very high to smash his opponent's face.
  • Great Durability and Stamina - Despite Seth Rollins' status as a high flyer, he is very tough to beat and he can sustain a lot of damage. A move of his called "Superplex-To-Falcon" involves him performing a superplex which gives equal damage to both wrestlers before Rollins immediately rolls around and quickly gathers enough strength to slam his opponent down with a falcon arrow.

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