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Wayne Williams was a son of policeman killed in ambush. He saw an attack on mob boss Handz and his girlfriend Nita. He covered her with his body, saving her life. But Handz didn't like it that Wayne was to close to his girlfriend. He insulted Wayne's late father and broke his fingers when young man tried to retaliate. Then Handz framed Wayne and sent him to prison. Wayne swore revenge on Handz.

In prison Wayne Williams defended the scientist Frederick Grant by defending him from another prisoner. They became friends and Frederick convinced Wayne that he should 'develop his mind'. Wayne also started to work out until he reached peak human condition.

While incarcerated, Wayne Williams learned that his mother died, and blamed Handz. During the prison riot (secretly organized by the Church of Eternal Empowerment) Wayne rescued the warden and was given a full parole. Free at last, he decided to keep low profile and shaved his head. He realized he isn't ready to meet Handz yet. After seeing the wrestilng match, he decided to become a wrestler under the name "Batman" (he was inspired by the pet bat he tamed while im prison). "Batman", never unmasking in public, became superstar in wrestling and extremely rich. He found Frederick Grant, entrusted him with the knowledge of his secret identity and offered him partnership - while Wayne had money, strength and skill, Grant had the wisdom and knowledge he lacked. Wayne gave Grant a mansion he bought and acted as his bodyguard to keep low profile. Grant remodeled his costume to 'duplicate the powers of the bat'.

Finally, Batman attacked Handz. During the fight Handz fell to his death. Nita was free from Handz. Batman contacted Nita through Grant to offer her a job of a secretary. No longer seeking vengeance, Batman became a career of a crimefighter, to protect the innocent from the villains like Handz.

Powers, abilities and equipment

Wayne Williams is in excellent physical condition. He wears the remodeled version of his wrestler costume made of Kevlar with night vision lens added to the mask, and electronic sensors to magnify sound. Cape-like bat wings allow him to glide.


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