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Dr. Wily in his grand scheme of things knew that he would have to control the worlds water supply and distribution. Wave Man under orders by Dark Man 4, disguised as Proto Man, was sent to kill all the people operating the Water Quality Administration Facility and then keep it under Dark Man 4s/Wilys control. Wave Man is prefect for this task because he is an Amphibious Combat Robot Master.

Wave Man is a loner and is very emotional, he doesn't like talking with other Robot Masters except if its about his next mission, or to coordinate his attacks with his team, The 5th Numbers. Wave Man is also known for having mood swings which results in him destroy things rapidly and violently while firing his Harpoon Buster. The thing that bothers him the most is humans and their uncaring attitude about the well-being of the ocean. Seeing the ocean polluted with Sludge and Toxic waste drives Wave Man off the deep end with anger. He finds solace in the bottom of the ocean which maybe the only thing that brings Wave Man peace.


Wave Man is the 4th Amphibious Combat Robot Master Wily has built or stolen and he is very deadly at his job, however Wave Man is also very dangerous out side of the water as well, he has no restrictions moving on land unlike Bubble Man. Besides having flippers he has screws in indentions in the heals of his feat that help propel him through water faster than the average Amphibious Robot Master.

On Wave Mans left arm is mounted the Water Wave, a weapon that fires water that is under massive amounts of pressure. Usualy the Water Wave is fired into the floor, ground, and will force its way back up to the surface. The Water Wave attack follows Pascal's Principle, developed by French mathematician Blaise Pascal states that "when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid, there is an equal increase at every other point in the container."

Wave Mans Water Wave, is so highly pressurized it can rupture all but the hardest metals used for defensive shielding, can easily punch through Gravitationally induced shields, 'Star Crash,' and cancels out ranged attacks from enemies including all of Mega Mans Mega Buster attacks, metals plasma attack, and even Dark Man 1s strong Twin Plasma Busters. Toad Man ironically is weak against the Water Wave.

On Wave Mans right arm is mounted a Harpoon Buster that fires high energy Harpoons from his right arm. These Harpoons are fired with such force they are one of the few, if not only ranged weapon to shoot through the Water Wave.

Wave Man is primarily a ranged combatant, he is for lack of a better word 'handy capped' in hand to hand combat because he doesn't have hands however he can still club and kick his enemies with his arms and legs.

Wave Mans one and only weakness is the "Charge Kick" which envelopes Mega Man in Hot energy while sliding at Wave Man, or in the case of Charge Man, his whole body radiates massive heat while charging as fast as he can.


Wave Man was created by Hideyuki Monno for the "Build a Robot Master" competition, and was first used in the Mega Man 5.


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