Character » Watoomb appears in 11 issues.

    Watoomb is an extremely powerful deity, one of the members of the Octessence.

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    The creator of the legendary Wand of Watoomb, he took part in the Wager of the Octessence to prove that he is the most powerful. He transferred the portion of his power to his Exemplar - Tempest
    Watoomb can create winds that act as Unlimited Teleport spell and unlimited Dimensional Aperture spell.
    Doctor Strange once said that the Winds of Watoomb “have sped me past light-years of real distance through unreal ways.” 
    Also, during Infinity Gauntlet storyline, Adam Warlock shoot a blast at Strange which hurled him back so far that even stars were a distant flicker. Nevertheless, the Winds of Watoomb returned them back in mere moments.


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