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    Waterbenders are skilled in the bending disipline of bending water. The bending let's them manipulate water and it's temperature, giving them various abilities.

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    Original Waterbenders

    Princess Yue said "The legends say the moon was the first Waterbender. Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves...". She also said that the Ocean and the Moon spirit work together to keep balance, Tui and La.

    When Admiral Zhao killed the physical form of the Moon Spirit, the Waterbenders lost their bending ability. It has been demonstrated on several occasions that Waterbenders depend on the moon to bend, and that they are much stronger during the night.


    Waterbending techniques vary, but some of their most used include:

    • Creating multiple ice spikes as an offensive weapon ("The Western Air Temple")

    • Bending water to use it as a shield ("The Crossroads of Destiny")

    • Bending water at an high enough velocity allowing it to cut/chop an object ("The Swamp")

    • Freezing water allowing them to walk on water ("The Painted Lady")

    • Creating a whip out of water, named "The Water Whip" ("The Waterbending Scroll")

    • Freezing enemies ("Jet")

    • Healing ("The Deserter")

    • Using water to lift or propell something or someone (exaple "The Water Snake" ("Siege of the North"))

    • Mass water manipulation ("The Awakening")

    • Bloodbending ("The Puppetmaster")

    • Octopus Form ("The Cave of Two Lovers")

    • Tidal Wave ("The Crossroads of Destiny")


    For more information on Waterbending, see the Benders page.


    For more information on Healing, see the Benders page.

    Emotional State

    Because Waterbending depends on the natural chi within a Waterbenders body to bend, their emotional state can sometimes effect their bending if they aren't trained properly in the disipline. This has been demonstrated on two seperate occasions by Katara. Once in the first episode, "The Boy In The Iceberg", where she's angry at Sokka and she crack's the top of the iceberg Aang and Appa were trapped in, and secondly in "The Waterbending Master", where she's angry at Master Pakku and causes two pots full of water to crack.


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