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    The Water Tribe is one of the four nations in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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    The tribes were originally one tribe located in the Northern Water Tribe. But because of their strict rules, several members broke away to form the Southern Water Tribe.

    Southern Water Tribe

    Years ago, the Southern Water Tribe was a city like the Northern Water Tribe, with building and such carved from ice. But after the Fire Nation attacked and took away all the Waterbenders, the town was changed into a small village.

    More recently, the men of the Southern Water Tribe left to fight in the war, so Sokka was the only man left there. Katara is the only Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, although this was discovered not true as Hama had liberated herself from captivity and was living in the Fire Nation.

    Northern Water Tribe

    The Northern Water Tribe have very strict rules. Arranged marriages are set up for their children when they turn sixteeen, and it is traditional for the male to make a betrothal necklace for the female. The Northern Water Tribe also have a strict polisy against women not learning to use Waterbending to fight, and only using it to heal. But, after Master Pakku realised that his stuborness and his commitments to the Tribees old tradition had cost him the love of his life, he agreed to teach Katara how to Waterbend.

    The Nothern Water Tribe is located at the edge of an ice cliff, in the shape of a dome missing the front. The buildings are carved out of ice.


    The people of the Water Tribes tend to wear white, blue and grey clothes. The females have very long hair and older men tend to grow beards or moustaches.


    For information on Waterbenders/Waterbending, visit the Benders page.


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