Water Snake

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    An Atlantean member of the New Warriors, and Warrior Handmaiden to Lady Namora, Princess-Regent of Atlantis.

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    Faira Sar Namora appeared to the New Warriors Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird, after witnessing the slaughter of a number of her people by the Evolutionaries sent by the High Evolutionary to wipe out genetic aberrations (including mutants, Inhumans, Atlanteans, those who have been "corrupted" by magic, and those whose molecular structures have been altered by science). Codenamed Water Snake, Faira is the warrior-handmaiden of Aquaria Neptunia, aka Lady Namora, the Princess-Regent of Atlantis and cousin to the king. As such, Faira enjoys an elevated status among the Atlantean peoples. She had been sent out by Namora with a party of Atlantean warriors to find the supposedly dead Namorita. The mystics of Atlantis had detected her reemergence, and so Faira was sent to retrieve her. On the way, the Evolutionaries cut them off, and killed every last one of them, except for Faira, who managed to survive the attack.

    New Warriors

    Faira joined the New Warriors on their quest to defeat the High Evolutionary and his plan to wipe out all genetic aberrations. Joining Justice, Speedball, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, Haechi, Nova, and Silhouette, Faira managed to stop the Evolutionary's evil plot. She became a permanent member of the New Warriors during their future conflicts.

    Powers & Abilities:

    Water Snake has displayed the ability to control water, known as hydrokinesis. She can form objects from the water she is controlling. She is a very skilled combatant, and has proven her skill, and lethally so, with a special trident she uses in battle. As an Atlantean, she has a denser bone structure than normal humans, granting her enhanced stamina, strength, and speed. She can also breathe and survive underwater.


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