Watchmen #6

    Watchmen » Watchmen #6 - The Abyss Gazes Also released by DC Comics on February 1987.

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    Rorschach is now in jail and he has to talk to an doctor to find out why is Rorschach is the way he is and why he thinks life and people are cruel. It all starts when Rorschach name is Walter as it is to be revealed. He takes an test when he looks at an picture and tells Dr. Long what he sees. What he really saw was an dog cut in half but he told the doctor it was abutterfly. He looks at another picture and sees his mom making with another man. When they see Walter, the guy leaves and gives Walters mom a five dollar bill. She hits Walter and says she should of had an abortion.

    Doctor Long is interested at Rorschach's life. He has been staying up all night and looking into Rorschach's profile. When Rorschach is at his prison cell, rorschach remembers when he beat up two kids when he was made fun of about being an son of a whore. After that incident, Rorschach was taking away from his mother.

    The doctor has kept seeing Walter and talking about all of Walter's life. Like when Walter first got his mask when he got an dress at his job he got. The owner of the dress was Kitty Genovese and she died when she was attacked on her apartment grounds and the people there were just standing by and watching her get killed. This is one of the events of his life that make him think how he thinks about the world and became an crimefighter and had an partnership with Nite Owl. And after one of the visits, at lunch time Walter threw fried hot oil at an inmate harrassing him and was sent to the hospital.

    At their final visit, the doctor shows an picture again, and it turns out to be the same picture as it was at their first visit. Rorschach tells the doctor that he sees an dead dog cut in half. After he tells the doctor what he really saw when he was looking at the picture, Rorschach tells an story when he was fighting crime in 1975. There was an girl that was kidnapped. And Rorschach promised the parents that he will return their daughter without the girl being harmed. When he found the house of the kidnapper in Brooklyn , Rorschach looks for the girl and find out that she was fed to two german shepard dogs. Then Rorschach snaps and kills the two dogs. When Grice gets home, he finds the two dogs dead and Rorschach confronts him. Grice said that he was innocent but it wasnt good enough for Rorschach, he puts him in hand cuffs and sets the house on fire with the guy in there. Rorschach then just stands on the street and watches the house burn down.

    After the visit, the doctor goes out with his wife for dinner with another couple, and tells the couple what he was told about the case with the kiddnaping of the girl. After hearing this, the wife wants to leave and goes home. Then she packs up and leaves the doctor at his house. And then he just sits on his bed and talks about how life is fragile and looks at one of his pictures and sees an dead fat cat he saw when he was walking by one time.


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       In this issue a psychologist is looking to make a name for himself by taking Rorschach as a patient. Hoping to pull him out of his world of darkness. Instead he finds himself being pulled into it.  Through their sessions together we find out more about Rorschach and how he became the scourge to the criminal world.    Talk to almost anyone who has read this series, and in the comic book community, that is just about everyone, and they will name this issue among their favorite. Frankly I agree ...

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