Watchmen #5

    Watchmen » Watchmen #5 - Fearful Symmetry released by DC Comics on January 1987.

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    Rorscrach continues his quest to find out who killed Edward Blake aka the Comedian. And he is also to find out the event where Dr.Manhattan was accussed of giving his close ones cancer. So he goes to Monoch's apartement since he is close enemies to Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian to find out about the two cases of both of the victims. Rorscrach coundn't find any information on him so he leaves.

    Elsewhere, there is chaos is going on about this war world three that is about to start rumor is driving everyone crazy. While Nite owl and Silk Spectre are eating at an diner, Nite owl offers Silk an place to stay while Silk has no place to go because Dr. Manhattan left earth and went to mars.

    Ozymandias is on his way to an meeting where an mug shot his assistant. And Ozymandias beats up the mugger and when he was done, Ozymandias wanted to know who sent him. Then the mugger took an poison and the mugger died without Ozymandias not knowing who sent the mugger to kill him.

    And when Rorscrach got an note from Monoch that he will tell him everything, Rorscrach finds Monoch shot in the head, and it turned out that Rorscrach was set up and the police got him surrounded. Rorscrach tries to escape by setting the police men on fire and set the stairs on fire and tries to make an break for it by jumping out of the window. But it was no use, the police outside of the building got him, took off his mask, and sent him to jail.



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       In this issue Roschach visits Molochagain to chase a lead on his cape killer. Dan invites Laurie to live with him since John left the planet in issue number 4. Since the countries biggest nuclear detterent has left, the world is even closer to nuclear destruction.   There is an assassination attempt on Ozzymandias' life strengthening Rorschachs resolve, so he visits Moloch again, only to find Moloch dead, and the cops surrounding the building.    There is a lot to take in with this issue, but...

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