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This issue focuses on Dr. Manhatten. We find out that his perception of time is that everything is happening at the same time. While he knows what will happen, he does not react to it until it actually happens. He was a watchmakers son who was learning the trade, yet when his father heard of Sputnik, he urged him to go into Nuclear physics. 
  Thanks to a bad accident his atoms are torn apart, yet he is able to pull himself together, and finds he has the powers of a god.  Now I could buy his whole theory of what will happen will happen, If he ever did anything to try and affect anyhting that ever happens. All he does is observe, which is a major part of the character. His seperation from humanity. 
  I do like how Alan Moore frames the timeline, and jumps back and forth in the story. It kept the book interesting, while never becoming confusing. Just as Dave Gibbons can fill a panel with chaos, without it ever actually becoming chaotic. In the end, this easily stands as one of my favorite issues of the series.

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