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Watchmen Is Nothing Short But Gold!

I Picked up the comic around 2000 from a friend who gave it too me as Birthday Present, as a Fan of Alan Moore i of course was very thankful of the Gift so graciously given to me, I too this day think it's one of the best comic books i have ever read, it's almost From the future theme in the sense that is way ahead of it's time when of it came out.. it showed us the Dark side of Heroes, a side mostly ignored during the Time of it's release, the comic was an amazing read and to this day makes me think when i close the book, All the characters are aces in my book, but Rorschach was by far my favorite character i loved his nature and the way Alan Moore portrayed it, the art was ok, in overall i give the Comic a Definite 5 out of 5...


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    This is a bit of a review for all 12 issues, as a whole, of Watchmen. There are some I particularly like more than others, but this book works best as a whole.There is a reason people have called this, "The Citizen Kane of Comics". There's a reason it's on Times "100 Best Novels" list. I just can't believe it took me this long to read it.SPOILERS!I'm engrossed in this world. These characters are all so interesting. Each one, for the most part, has these horrible quirks that I find so appealing. ...

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    Bad ending 0

       In this issue, well ... things really fall apart. I do not mean with the charcters either. I mean with the truck size holes Alan Moore seemed compelled to place into the story.  If Ozy only attacks New York, that would not stop an attack. Our enemies would realize it is a moment of weakness and take advantage of the situation.   Also , at the end of the day, no one would believe Rorschach. He is considered a nut job. There would be no reason for John to kill him.   On the other hand, he lets ...

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