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    Before taking on a wasp form, Waspinator was known as Wasp. He, along with the other Predacons, stole the Golden Disk from the Hall of Records.

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    Beast Wars

    Waspinator was the funny, loony, comic relief of the Beast Wars. He was always getting blasted to scrap metal and beat on by his own comrades. But he always survived. That tells you something about his endurance. He could take all those hits and explosions and always came back for more. He was a little dense at times, mumbling and complaining and not watching his back, but he was a loved character. He was always there when he was needed and followed every order to the end, which usually was when he was shot down. He was taken for granted and always did the dirty work, but he kept us smiling from Beast Wars #1 all the way to Nemesis #2. He added some much needed humor to the Beast Wars and will always be remembered for his last minute resignation from the Predacons. Who knows, if the Beast Wars lasted longer than it did, he might have joined up with the Maximals, but that will forever be a mystery. And finally Waspinator was happy when he became an honored guest among the 'fleshiebots' as he called them. He is loved, he will be missed, and will be remembered for his wacky voice forever!

    Beast Modes


    Beast Machines

    Waspinator was reprogrammed to be Thrust , and was made general of the Vehicon motorcycles.

    Transformers Animated

    Originally an Autobot, Wasp joins the Decepticons as a Predacons.


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