Is she dead or possibly alive?

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She was among the Mighty Avengers who were fighting heroes from the Skrull ship. She is later seen with the rest of the Avengers heading to New York to confront the Skrulls. Whilst fighting the skrulls, it is revealed the true purpose of the serum that the skrull Hank Pym gave her. After Queen Veranke is shot and killed, Skrull Pym hits a button that begins to make Jan increase in size. Rapidly. She realizes the particles Pym gave her in Mighty Avengers #7 are turning her into a bio-bomb. Jan's seen growing huge, emitting a black-purple matter, and about to blow. Janet tries to flee the battlefield and take as many Skrulls with her, but unfortunately in order to save the humans, Thor teleports her to another dimension, vowing to avenge her.
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I think i heard Pym say that some sort of anti-pym particles were used in the bio it leaves a possibility for another realm rescue operation. So yeah, I believe she's alive.

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Thor got rid of her exploding body the same way Ultimate Thor disposed of a giant bomb in "The Ultimates", which was sad because such a meaningful death should have been given a unique approach. Ah, well...
To answer your question though, come on...of COURSE she's "possibly alive". It's comics! After both Bucky and Jason Todd simultaniously came back to life, I threw-up my arms and went "OK, the rule has officially been broken. Where's Uncle Ben?!" So yeah, Wasp I'm sure will return when the time calls for it. When that'll be is anyone's guess, though.
Maybe when the world is again in dire need of a wealthy, fashion-designing socialite superhero/domestic victim?

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