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    Aquamorph mutant whom worked for the new Weapon X program after being turned down as a member of X-Force/X-Statix

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    John Lopez was an chronic bed-wetter as a child, and was very much ashamed of this. In his teen years, he thought it became even worse. It however turned out that John was a mutant with aquatic powers. He could change his body into a aquatic-like state.


    Washout was created by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo and first appeared in X-Force issue 129 (2002). He appeared again not much later in the pages of Weapon X #½ - Prelude (2002).

    Major Story Arcs

    X-Force Try-Outs

    Discovering his mutant powers, John tried to join the media sensation mutant-team known as X-Force (later known as X-Statix). He adopted the superhero name Washout, and auditioned for the role. He was however met with laughter and his audition was no success. Leaving the X-Force compound bitter and saddened, John was approached by a man in a limousine. He had an offer to make John. He wanted him to be part of a new mutant group. John, with nowhere else to go, accepted the offer.

    Weapon X Crew

    As part of the Weapon X team
    As part of the Weapon X team

    John had accepted the offer to become a part of a mutant group that was supposed to bring in his own kind. Although John saw this as far from what he wanted to do with his life, he accepted his role and became a teammember of the new Weapon X mutant crew. He had several missions with the team, growing in his role as a mutant tracker. It was however during this time that John noticed his powers going haywire, sometimes being unable to return to his human state after having been in his aquatic state. It was during a fight with the Mutant Underground, which sought to destroy the new Weapon X faccility, that John's powers let up, and he disintegrated in front of his teammates.


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