Team » Warwolves appears in 80 issues.

    A pack of intelligent, artificial lifeforms created to hunt Rachel Summers.

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    The Warwolves were genetically engineered by Mojo to act as hunters for him. They were sent after Phoenix, who had escaped from Mojo.


    The Warwolves were created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis.

    Team Evolution

    The Warwolves have six members: Bowzer, Ducks, Jacko, Popsie, Scarper and an unnamed Warwolf. This line-up has remained constant, barring the brief period during which both Bowzer and the unnamed Warwolf were apparently dead.

    Major Story Arcs


    Sent to collect the escaped Rachel Summers, the Warwolves pursue her from Mojoworld to London, England. There, they come into conflict with Summers, Nightcrawler, and members of Technet, the latter two of whom are attempting to recover Summers as well. They kill Technet member Ferro, but are eventually overwhelmed when Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler join forces with Summers to defeat them. This group then becomes Excalibur, a recurring foe of the Warwolves with whom they clash many times. During these fights, Bowzer and the unnamed Warwolf are apparently killed. The Warwolves abduct Shadowcat, who turns the tables on them by phasing into Ducks and briefly taking control of the Warwolf. Her team is later able to help separate the two. The Warwolves are captured and imprisoned at the London Zoo where they become a popular attraction. They briefly break free with the assistance of Bowzer and the unnamed Warwolf, and enact a plot to kill people who resemble X-Men members so as to impersonate them and attack Excalibur. They capture Summers, but she is rescued by Excalibur, who force the Warwolves through an inter-dimensional portal.

    Franklin Richards

    The Warwolves are summoned by Roma to deal with the threat to the multiverse by Franklin Richards. They, along with Technet, kidnap the boy.

    New Excalibur

    Again imprisoned in a zoo, the Warwolves escape to seek revenge against the new incarnation of Excalibur. They are defeated by the team, and retreat into hiding.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Warwolves are genetically-engineered canids with beaks and humanoid features. The are both quadrupedal and bipedal, can use their forelegs as arms or legs, and possess sharp claws on their feet. They are expert hunters, and capable of tracking prey by scent. They can drain life energy from victims by inserting their tongues into the victim's orifices. This causes the interior of the victim to disintegrate, leaving a whole skin behind that the Warwolves can insinuate themselves into, allowing them to perfectly impersonate the victim; they are gifted mimics. As a group they can open inter-dimensional portals, and are able to merge into one six-headed being.


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