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Not much is known about Vic Marcus besides that he is a special SHIELD agent and that he has the supernatural abilitie to change in the form of a wherewolf.


Warwolf was created by Keith Giffen and Eduardo Franciso and first appeared in Nick Fury's Howling Commandos issue 1 (2005). He should not be mistaken for Martin Reyna, the newest Warwolf that is part of the second incarnation of the monster-team.

Major Story Arcs

Howling Commandoes

Vic in his human form
Vic in his human form

Vic Marcus was assigned as squad-leader for the special Howling Commandos unit. He worked together with the Living Mummy, a Zombie, a Frankenstein-Monster-clone, Nina Price and Gorrila Man amongst others. He seemed very close with Gorilla-man and usually complains against his superior, Clay Quatermain and others for calling them monsters. After a number of missions, the team was disbanned and Vic Marcus was not seen again.

Vic Marcus was not part of the newest incarnation of the 'Monster-Squad', this time funded by a SHIELD subdivision named S.T.A.K.E.

Powers and Abbilities

Unlike most wherewolves, Vic Marcus' abbilitie comes from the planet Mars instead of the Moon.

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