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    Character » Warrior Woman appears in 21 issues.

    An evil version of Power Princess, she survived the destruction of Battleworld and joined to the Supreme Squadron under a false identity.

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    Warrior Woman was created bY Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco as the analog to Princess Power and member of the Squadron Sinister for the tie-in miniseries to the Secret Wars event. As the original Squadron Sinister (which was a Justice League parody) lacked a Wonder Woman analog, Guggenheim and Pacheco created this version of Zarda to complete the line-up. Her addition made the Squadron Sinister more like as an Crime Syndicate analog team.


    Warrior Woman was a member of the Squadron Sinister along with Whizzer, Dr Spectrum, Nighthawk and Hyperion. In the mosaic world of Battleworld created by Dr. Doom, the Squadron had under control their province of Utopolis, but theywere under constant intentions of conquest the neighbor regions. However, the undoing of the Squadron was the conspiracy and inner distrust among their members. Warrior Woman betrayed their teammates twice, first to the people of Nutopia (the Star Brand corps) and after that to Dr. Doom, when she revealed than Nighthawk killed a member of the Thor Corps.

    When the multiverse was recreated by Reed Richards, Warrior Woman survived and reappered on the prime universe, posing as Power Princess and joining a Squadron Supreme made of survivors from different realities. However she again betrayed her teammates to Dr Druid in Weirdworld and run away from them once her façade fell apart.

    She revealed to her ally Mordred her history: than she was a queen in her world after conquered it but also she was a survivor from her universe after they saw how her earth was being destroyed. The Squadron built a portal to escape the dying universe, but as through the portal only one person could escape, she killed the other Squadron members and jumped to the unknown plaece between universes. There, she was found by another version of herself, the heroic Power Princess, who at her difference had tried to save her team but she also was the only survivor of her universe. Pretending being also a hero, Warrior Woman asked for the help of Power Princess and tricked her. Using her ability to absorb life energy to keep her powers and youth, she absorbed the life and power of her analog and leaving her for dead.

    Once she arrived to the prime earth, she kept a low profile until that she joined the Squadron Supreme. Once her charade was dropped, she and Mordred discovered than one of the omens of Ulysses was to see her as the consort of Namor, when he conquered the earth. But there was a problem: Namor was dead, killed on the first mission of the Squadron. To resolve this problem, Warrior Woman decided to attack the Baxter Building and use a time travel machine to rescue Namor before he would be death and thus, win his loyalty. But she didn't count with Spider-man, the Squadron and the powerless yet still alive Power Princess to return to trample with her plans.

    During the fight against her analog, Warrior Woman hurt her and escaped, leaving several SHIELD agents dead. As she escaped before any other wittnes could confirm, it seemed as Power Princess had killed those agents. In this way, the reputation of Power Princess was severely damaged.

    At the end of the series, Warrior Woman (and Power Princess) are still on the run.

    Powers and abilities

    As an analog of Power Princess, Warrior woman posseses all the same powers and abilities, as the same basic origin. At difference of her doppelganger, her weapon of choice is an sword.

    She also posses the ability to absorb the lifeforce of others to keep her youth and power, similar to the powers demostrated by the Power Princess from the Supreme Power series.


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