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    Warrior Nun Areala is a member of a warrior-class of nuns that uses it's mystical heritage to battle demons and keep the world safe from the forces of hell.

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    Sister Shannon is a member of the Vatican's elite Warrior Nun sect, who fight the forces of evil. Shannon is powered by the spirit of the first Warrior Nun Areala, thus giving her the honorary title. Along with the power given to her by Areala's spirit, she is equipped with a cybernetic arm and sword among other weapons to fight the demons of Earth and protect the church.


    Warrior Nun Areala was created by Ben Dunn. The concept was created in Ninja High School #38, where Warrior Nun Areala's companion Sebastian Crowe and enemy Lillith first appeared. But Areala herself would appear first in her own series in 1994.

    Major Story Arcs

    Training under the guidance of Mother Superion, the Vatican is impressed by Sister Shannon's results. She's given sector 3 and 4 (New York City) as her first assignment. There she meets Father Terrance Gomez of the St. Thomas Church. The region has not seen any demonic activity for 10 years, but shortly after her assignment, former Warrior Nun Shotgun Mary has dicovered Julius Salvius' plot to set Lucifer loose upon Earth. Shotgun Mary has kidnapped the young Jason, thus thwarting Julius attempt to infiltrate Gabriel, Vatican's super computer. For her own reasons, Lillith also wants to stop Julius Salvius, but her demonic presence is misinterpreted by Sister Shannon, who cuts off her wings. Distracted by Lillith, Shannon is attacked from behind by Julius' henchman Demon Foster. Warned by Lillith, Shannon manages to thwart off the attack at the cost off her left hand. The next explosion almost kills her.

    In the afterlife, Shannon is given another chance by a circle of former Warrior Nuns, among them the original Warrior Nun Areala and Crimson Nun. Areala restores her health and gives her name to Shannon, dubbing her the new Warrior Nun Areala. She wakes up in the hospital with her left hand replaced by a cybernetic one. Her new hand contains a teleport gem, enabling her to call up the God Armor if needed. With Shotgun Mary, the Magic Priest named Sebastian Crowe, the New York Police Department and U.S. Marines, Areala attacks Julius Salvius' base and comes face to face with her enemy. She summons the God Armor and slices Julius in two.


    News of the death of fellow Warrior Nun, the Ninja Nun, takes Warrior Nun Areala to Japan. There she meets her adopted grandfather Captain Yoma, who is also the adopted grandfather of the Ninja Nun. Areala learns that the Ninja Nun is murdered by the forces of Herr Ottoman and several oni (Japanese demons). Ottoman also abducts Cheetah, who has come to Japan to tape a commercial. Ottoman wants to use her werecheetah DNA to make super soldiers. A hypnotized Cheetah and several oni are sent after Captain Yoma, the archnemesis of the oni. Luckily, Warrior Nun Areala and Serina are there to protect him and they manage to ward off the attack. Stricken by the Sword of Antioch, Cheetah's hypnosis is undone.

    Shortly after Warrior Nun Areala and Cheetah's recovery, they discover that Ninja Nun managed to escape her murderers and is still alive. Meanwhile, the oni stage a coup against their partner Herr Ottoman. Ottoman is disposed off by the oni Jade Yashiki. The oni are joined by Demon Foster.

    Back on full force and joined by Mother Superion and other Warrior Nuns, Areala and her partners lounge a counter attack. With the recently rediscovered and recovered Tomorrow Man, they are able to defeat the oni.

    Scorpio Rose

    In the late 17th century, a ploy against the Vatican is discovered by Sister Hildegard. After encountering Scorpio Rose, an immortal gypsy, Sister Hildegard was knocked unconscious by Scorpio Rose. Found by a corrupted bishop, he kills Sister Hildegard to keep the ploy a secret. Sister Hildegard however, is granted a second life by Areala. She is however unable to prevent the rise of an antipope in the Vatican.

    In the 20th century, Warrior Nun Areala is contacted by Scorpio Rose. Scorpio Rose tells Areala of the corruption inside the Vatican. She has to convince Areala of her innocence however, because the bishop who killed Sister Hildegard, has also falsified the Vatican scripts, claiming Sister Hildegard was killed by Scorpio Rose. After showing Warrior Nun Areala the now immortal bishop and his corrupted ways, Warrior Nun travels to the Vatican with Scorpio Rose to confront the current pope. She is met by a disguised antipope who, with the help of an unknowing Father Crowe and Father Fang, tries to stop Warrior Nun Areala. Scorpio Rose strikes the pope with her magic, exposing him as the antipope. The combined forces drive the antipope away from this plane of existence.

    Other Media

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    Antarctic Press released Warrior Nun Areala action figures, with several color variants, in 1996-1998.

    Known variants are:

    • Anime (portrayed)
    • Basic
    • Silver
    • Red
    • Gold
    • Special Gold
    • Glow-in-the-dark
    • Holy White

    Other Media

    Warrior Nun

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    The series starts with a Warrior Nun named Shannon gravely injured. She knows she doesn't make it and makes a decision to allow the Halo to be removed from her. Without the Halo's healing powers she dies.


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