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What did Warrior just do to Santa Claus?

Or I guess you could ask "What did Santa Claus just do to Warrior?" depending on which picture you are looking at.

The Christmas issue of the briefly lived Warrior series was by far the most baffling part of the series. A collection of Christmas themed pin-ups, the comic had no connecting narrative and featured some very unusual pictures. In most cases, the pin-ups showcase the work of artists who are the epitome of the early 90's style as they illustrate the incredibly jacked Warrior in holiday themed poses that are often ultra violent without any context. I mean why is Warrior surrounded by severed troll heads and a bloody sword while little elves climb all over him?

Warrior raped Christmas! Some of the scenes have a blatant homoerotic BDSM theme that I just don't understand. From what I know of Warrior, he was a right wing conservative whose belief in individual liberties stopped short of sexual freedom. Yet he approved pictures of him standing dominant over a chained and half naked Santa.

Then there's the picture of Santa flat on his back in his underwear, presumably unconscious, with a bottle of booze beside him. A half naked Warrior is standing beside Santa, trying on his red pants. Why does Santa have a trail of blue liquid (yes we are calling that blue because it can't be white) going down his chest?

I mean, how do you not read this?

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