Warren Traveler

    Character » Warren Traveler appears in 10 issues.

    Born in the House of M reality, he's a magician who once worked as the Sorcerer Supreme for the King of England. He's an enemy of Ms. Marvel

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    House of M  
     Traveler as he appears in the House of M 
     Traveler as he appears in the House of M 
    In the altered reality House of M, mutants rule the world and Carol Danvers, known as Captain Marvel in this reality is the greatest super hero on Earth. Carol is loved and adored by millions, but one man wants her dead. His name is Sir Warren Traveler, former Sorcerer Supreme for the King of England. Traveler is a long time adversary of Captain Marvel, first appearing on the t.v show Super Powers. As Captain Marvel is saving children from a burning building, Traveler surprises her by teleporting on the scene and striking her down with a magic bolt. Marvel believes that “ he could have done great things if he wanted”  but instead “what he seemed to enjoy doing most was sucker punching” her. Using one of his spells he transports back and forth through time allowing himself to strike at Marvel several times in one second. He summons magic energy in the shape of a dragon and smashes The Captain through a building, planning to kill Marvel by “searing the flesh from her bones”. While he plans to destroy Marvel she throws a cat at his face in a desperate attempt to distract him. This works and while Traveler once again tries to move seconds through time his spell goes wrong and he vanishes into thin air. 
    Eye of Watoomb 
    A younger Traveler appears in a magic shop several years prior to the last fight with Captain Marvel. Browsing through the collection he remarked that most of the objects in the store are “toys and trinkets at best”. However one object is at the shop which he had been searching for for a long time called the Eye of a Watoomb. Traveler talks to the shop owner while at the same time attempting to disable a hex in the air that would prevent him from using magic in the shop . The Eye of Watoomb is the only remnant of the once powerful Wand of Watoomb. Traveler disables the hex taking the shop owner by surprise and kills him using a spell in the shape of a bear. He then moves quickly to a bathroom in a pub at the back of Hells Kitchen and anxiously seeks to reap the rewards of the Eye. He says that he is willing to pay the price for absolute power and replaces his right eye with the Eye of Watoomb.
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    Back to reality
    Reality has been restored and the House of M no longer exists although Carol Danvers, known as Ms Marvel in this universe has kept the memories of that reality. As she prepares to relax amidst a group of reporters, she recognizes the cat that she threw at Travelers face the last time they met. Taking this as an omen she changes costume and asks the reporters to leave her apartment moments before Traveler arrives, this time however in different clothing which Marvel says looks more Lord of the Rings. Traveler vows to fulfill his promise to kill Marvel when they last fought and seems to be rather insulted that in their last encounter he was defeated by a cat. Marvel briefly gains the upper hand in the fight and knocks Traveler out. When he regains consciousness his personality changes and he stops attacking Ms Marvel, cleaning up the mess their battle had made and regarding Carol as a friend. Marvel knocks him out again before any more damage is made and takes him to Doctor Strange this realities Sorcerer Supreme.  
    Strange goings on 
    Traveler is next seen at the Sanctum Sanctorum Doctor Stranges residence bound in a chair with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Doctor Strange explains to Ms Marvel that Traveler has become out of sync with the magic forces he was once attuned to and therefore he will become less and less able to intentionally channel mystic energies and because he is too close to Ms Marvel they have developed a link which badly effects Traveler. Traveler sits in the chair muttering words that don’t make sense, and Ms Marvel just ignores them believing he has gone mad. As Ms Marvel leaves Doctor Strange tells Traveler her can stop pretending. The two have a brief discussion of what is really happening with Traveler, that he is indeed losing his connection to the mystic forces but not due to his being too close to Ms Marvel. As Doctor Strange is deciding what to do with, Traveler frees himself from the Crimson bands of Cyttorak and picks up the Wand of Watoomb. Strange turns to face Traveler but is struck down with the wand which seems to be focusing Traveler and concentrating his thoughts. As Strange is lying on the floor Traveler remarks “things are downright perfect”.  
    Back and more powerful than ever  
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    Ms Marvel is back in her apartment and finds herself once again surrounded by reporters. However, the cat she first met when battling Traveler begins to talk to her. Initially Marvel believes the cat to be a mutant but it turns out to be Doctor Strange talking through the cat.  He tells Marvel that he’s in trouble and needs her help. Also he tells her that she’s dreaming and needs to wake up. Carol immediately suits up and flies to the Sanctum Sanctorum and finds a large beam of energy coming from the roof. As she is sucked through the beam she comes out into daylight and finds that New York has been destroyed along with the sanctum. Behind the skeleton of what seems to be Doctor Strange stands Traveler, still in possession of the Eye and Wand of Watoomb. He explains that they are in an alternate reality, where a swarm of alien insects ate every living thing off the planet in a few minutes. As Marvel prepares to attack him he strikes her down. He tells her that thanks to Marvel he has several worlds of opportunity available to him. Because of his madness where the more magic he uses the more insane he becomes, his plan is to continue to travel to alternate realities where he will be able to find new sources of magic which is now possible for him thanks to his possession of the Eye and the Wand.  After he explains this to Marvel he takes her back to the day the alien swarm arrived in this reality and plans to leave her prey to them as he leaves for a new reality. Marvel punches him instead and Traveler drops the Wand of Watoomb, disabling him from traveling to the next reality. As the swarm approaches Marvel forces Traveler to take them both home to their reality before they both die. Traveler transports them both back to their own reality but tells her he brought her home a little bit too early and he teleports away. It turns out that he transported them back to a moment where Traveler is fighting Doctor Strange and Doctor Strange has just contacted Ms Marvel through the cat in Marvels apartment. Traveler believes that Strange will be dead by the time she arrives, not knowing that she is already at the scene because of the time jump she had made earlier. As Traveler realizes that he may not be strong enough to continue fighting Strange and Marvel with his current strategy, he starts a chain reaction using so much energy that Doctor Strange would not be able to contain it all. So Ms Marvel steps in and absorbs as much energy as she can and redirects it at Traveler along with Strange. However, as the smoke clears Traveler is gone. Strange tells Ms Marvel that “ he will turn up again, his type always does” 
    Traveler is a powerful magician, once having been the Sorceror Supreme for the king of England.  
    Time Travel - Traveler often uses limited time travel to strike at an opponent several times in one second 
    Teleportation - Able to teleport large distances to take enemies by surprise 
    Energy blast - Capable of knocking enemies such as Ms Marvel through buildings  
    Traveler later gains the Eye and Wand of Watoomb enhancing his powers greatly. This power boost let him face enemy wizards such as Doctor Strange and defeat him. He was also able to jump to alternate realities using these objects. He often summoned energy in the shape of animals such as Dragons, Bears, and Bulls to kill his enemies.

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