Warren Ellis' Supergod » 5 issues

    Volume » Published by Avatar Press. Started in 2009.

    Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny's five-issue series

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    Supergod is a five-issue limited series written by Warren Ellis with artwork by Garrie Gastonny.

    "Superhuman Trilogy"

    Supergod is typically regarded as the third and finale part in Avatar's and Warren Ellis' "Superhuman Trilogy" dealing with the creation of superheroes. The other two books include Black Summer and No Hero (both of which featured art by Juan Jose Ryp). In an interview before the release of the first issue of Supergod Warren Ellis said "Black Summer was about superhumans who were too human. No Hero was about superhumans who were inhuman. Supergod is about superhumans who are no longer human at all, but something else. The third leg of a thematic trilogy if you like." [link]

    Collected Volumes

    • Supergod (trade paperback and hardcover; collecting all issues)

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