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Guess who set the world ablaze...? Supermen.

We are hell-bent on building things to worship, we are driven to, we are hardwired to do so. Throw supermen able to fly, sharp dialogue and politics (which are, essential in the plot) into the mix and there you go, SUPERGOD. A brand-new series by "godhead" Warren Ellis, a man that does not sleep, he just goes "stand by" while he's wired to an ever-changing (and ever-growing) super-computer network that produced what might be one of the best post-apocalyptic tales involving superheroes of all time (did I already mentioned that those we created to save us are the harbingers of doom?), you know I thoroughly enjoy Warren Ellis' work, and that this review might be read as one written by an "ardent fan", but it's THAT GOOD. Honest. Scouts honor. This piece of superhero fiction is flying its way to the top, aboard a ship made of human tissue, brains, and fueled by guts, spreading a message far and wide, in all degrees and frequencies known to man: "The SUPERGODS are here. But do not kneel, for we mean you harm and we will do some nasty stuff to this big floating rock. Run. Run while you still can. But don't worry, we'll find you. You've given us the means to do so." 
Creepy isn't it? Well, that's SUPERGOD... just... a thousand times amplified and with pictures. Horrible pictures, Garrie Gastonny does a superb job as the illustrator, and people at Digikore Studios have what it takes to make his art look even better.--It might even prove itself as a great read for history-junkies, specially those who dig the Cold War, and are into the "arms race", and those of you who might have read THE PROGRAMME, an excellent series by Peter Milligan and C.P Smith that ended last year.--And, that's it. Thank you, people at Avatar Press, you, just like Radical Comics, are IMAX in COMICS. Hell yes.


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