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    He is a French super-villain most commonly associated with the team, the Brotherhood of Evil (or Society of Sin).

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    Little is known about how the man known as Warp gained his teleportation powers, or why he hated the woman known as Madame Rouge. As Warp, he joined the Brotherhood of Evil because of that group's plan for revenge against Rouge. In a battle with the New Teen Titans, the Brotherhood succeeded in killing Rouge and her accomplices.

    The Brotherhood then turned their attention to Brother Blood. In an attempt tp learn Blood's secrets, Warp kidnapped Raven, but the Titan was rescued by her team mates.

    Warp joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society. Working with Dr. Psycho, he freed Doomsday.

    Warp was one of the villains stranded on planet Salvation. He seemingly died when the portal exploded.

    The New 52

    Warp is a member of The Brotherhood of Evil. He and the rest of the team are battling Blue Beetle is his new title. During Year of The Villain Warp was kidnapped and brainwash by Joker into becoming his slave. Joker used Warp to save Lex Luther from Batman Who Laughs infected Justice League.


    In addition to his ability to fly, Warp can open a Warp or a hole in space between any two locations with which he can teleport himself and others across great distances instantly. However, repeated use of his powers leads quickly to fatigue.

    Other Media

    Teen Titans

    Warp in Teen Titans TV Series
    Warp in Teen Titans TV Series

    Warp appeared in Teen Titans TV series voiced by Xander Berkeley . He first appearance in "How Long Is Forever ?" as a thief from the future who appeared in present time to steal a valuable clock from the local museum, bringing him in conflict with the Teen Titans. As Warp opened a portal to travel into the future with his ill-gotten gain, Starfire plunged him right into the portal, taking the powering device from his time-traveling uniform and causing him to appear sometime before her twenty years into the future. He met up with Starfire again and attacked her so he could get the powering device back, then returned to the museum to reattach the device to his uniform when Starfire and the Titans from that time period confronted him again. Nightwing stopped Warp from traveling into the future through yet another portal by causing his powering device to go haywire, de-aging Warp into an infant.

    Warp returned, inexplicably and fully restored to adulthood, in in the end of "Homecoming Part II", as a recruit in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil. In "Calling All Titans", when the Brotherhood executed its plan to bring down young superheroes all around the world, Warp joined See-More in bringing down Herald, but both were defeated. Later, in "Titans Together", during the final battle against the assembled Titans, he was defeated yet again by Thunder and joined most of his fellow villains in flash-freeze treatment.


    Emil LaSalle in Smallville.
    Emil LaSalle in Smallville.

    In the Season 10 episode, "Ambush", Emil LaSalle was seen with Rick Flag who was working as a member of the Suicide Squad. He helps Rick to assassinate Lois's father, General Sam Lane who was planning to pass the Vigilante Registration Act. However, when they were about to be attacked by Oliver and Clark, Emil teleports himself and Rick Flag to a safer place. In this episode, Emil didn't had the ability to fly rather than his comic book incarnation.


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