Character » Warp appears in 18 issues.

    Warp is a mercenary teleporter who doesn't care who he works for as long as he gets paid.

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    Little is known about the former super villain known as Warp.

    Significant Stories

    Not to much is known about the teleporting man known as Warp. He was a petty thief who worked for the highest bidder and was eventually hired by Sylene, the daughter of Loki to steal items from Avengers' Mansion to use in her scheme to turn Earth into a "new" Asgard. Once Warp had learned how twisted Sylene's plans were he decided to aid the Avengers in defeating her. Following Sylene's defeat, Warp was offered probationary membership in the Avengers in an effort to reform. While the CSA has turned Warp over to the Avengers, his presence is still causing problems. He most recently battled Silikong's forces alongside his fellow Avengers, helping to halt his plans. This, in turn prevented the Red Queen from destroying American Dream's reputation and wiping out the Avengers.


    Warp is a skilled teleporter. He is able to open portals for others to travel with him and can even open local portals to strike at nearby enemies.


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