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    Mostly known for producing the cult favorite ElfQuest

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    Independent publisher best known for publishing the ElfQuest series of comics. The name was formed by combining the names of the two founders, (Wendy Pini and Richard Pini - see photo) Wendy and Richard Pini (WaRP, later turning into Warp).

    They founded the company in 1977 after a poor quality publication of their first ElfQuest story in underground comic Fantasy Quarterly #1 - Featuring ElfQuest. They thought they'd be able to produce a higher quality publication themselves. At first focusing their business on producing the 20-issue original ElfQuest series. When ElfQuest went on hiatus, editor Richard Pini began to publish stories by other writers and artists focusing mainly on fantasy orientated comics. In 1986 Pini turned Warp Graphics publishing and marketing duties over to Apple so he could concentrate on editing the comics titles. From 1987 till 1990 Apple Comics took over the editing of all other, non-ElfQuest related, titles and the Pini's concentrated their efforts on producing new ElfQuest material. In 1992 Warp Graphics launched several ElfQuest spin-off series after which Warp invited other writers and artists to join them. Beginning in 1997 Warp published some Elflord Comics by Barry Blair and Colin Chan, who had by that time also written for ElfQuest. For the ten years up to 2002 Warp Graphics worked together with lots of free-lance artists and writers to produce and publish ElfQuest related titles. After which they downsized back to the original owners.

    From 2003-2007 Warp Graphics licensed the media rights for ElfQuest to DC Comics who brought out several series. Then in 2008 they licensed the media rights to Warner Bros hoping to turn the comic book series into a motion picture. The project got canceled by Warner Bros after which producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, whom both produced the 2011 live-action short 'ElfQuest: A Fan Imagening', stepped in and acquired the movie rights to the cult favorite comic book series.

    The Pini's also launched a book publisher under the imprint name of 'Father Tree Press'. Both Father Tree Press and Warp Graphics still exist but are currently (2013) not publishing any printed materials (books or comics). Their ElfQuest website is still regularly updated with new digital material.

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