Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris » 37 issues

    Volume » Published by Dynamite Entertainment. Started in 2011.

    With the success of 2010's Warlord of Mars series, Dynamite Entertainment is releasing Dejah Thoris' very own series, which acts as a prequel- focusing its story on the beautiful Princess of Mars and see what she was up to four hundred years before meeting John Carter.

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    Spinning off from the incredibly successful Dynamite Entertainment Warlord of Mars series, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Martians live forever -- everyone knows that. So what was Dejah Thoris doing all those hundreds of years before John Carter arrived? Four hundred years before the events of Warlord of Mars took place, Dejah's nation of Helium was divided into two warring city-states. An unscrupulous overlord from afar encouraged that rivalry to his own advantage, until he discovered a terrible secret from Mars' ancient past beneath Dejah Thoris' capital. A secret to kill for! In the second story arc Dejah is captured by a group of pirates and must hurry to retrieve a treasure with which she will help to rebuild Lesser Helium. In the next story arc Dejah is overcome by a witch and while possessed almost starts a civil war. This causes her to question her role and she leaves to search for absolution.

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