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This is an interesting issue as it contains a little bit of everything.  Leading Dejah and Kantos off on to a new adventure is more Martian politics.  They are mostly pretty common to the Martian Chronicles with a group of new people being referred to who have not been referenced before.  As Dejah and Kantos go to broker a political deal they are met with their bargaining equal, a princess unlike Dejah in that she lacks a sense of competence and compassion.  This was heading to an interesting enough ending as it was, but as soon as they crash and head for an abandoned city (with an assassin targeting them in tow) they realize that their decisions have gone from bad to worse.  This pays some homage to other Dejah series such as the White Apes and Green Men, but it is interesting enough on its own to appear to be memorable enough.  The series thus far has had some stellar story arcs and some duds but this appears as though it will be the former.  

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