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As compared to the last issue, this issue has the same overall critique.  It was mostly a pretty fun and well told story if not for one flaw which was resorting to the cliche.  Previously the cliche was for Dejah to pretend to be a prostitute (in which she was actually wearing more clothing than usual) and she is still dressed as such through this issue.  This issue's drawback is the cliche of the mentally controlled person and their former friend telling them "to fight through it, because you are still in there somewhere."  Not surprisingly this works (as it usually does) and the rest of the action unfolds.  It is a little bizarre as this cliche allows the rest of the plot to occur as it does, but the plot is still pretty fun, especially considering the revelation of who returned in the previous issue.  This issue and story arc end up setting the scene for some future stories and does so in an entertaining manner.  

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