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A matter of tals

This is a bit of a mixed bag for in terms of its actual content, but in the end it succeeds due to sticking close enough to the source material.  The genre of science fiction doesn't necessarily often overlap with that of espionage or detecting but that occurs here as Dejah is on the hunt for a serial killer that is stalking the streets of the city where she is searching for answers.  As she considers this to be information which is related she decides that she should find this killer herself.  As it unfolds she decides to pose as a prostitute in order to do so, though she is herself captured.  This one aspect was the single drawback for me, as this is a series which generally tries to highlight her other strengths but here resorts back to her body to save the day.  The rest of the issue is well worthy though as there are a few other developments and the unexpected return of an old enemy.  A pretty good issue, though it could have been better.  

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