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    Deimos is back....what a surprise!

    In a move just about every Warlord fan saw coming Deimos has returned from the dead to prove you just can't keep a good evil lord down.He's still the same mad bad snappy dresser he always was,being dead is out wearing loincloths with big pointy capes is in.He wastes no time in plotting his revenge on Travis Morgan The Warlord.We then get a quick potted history of the relationship between Deimos and Morgan showing all the reasons these two men have to hate each other.This is great for newbies and serves as a good reminder to everyone else.I'll not give too much away just that Morgan rides out to face Deimos only to find out he has been tricked. 
           The story and pencils are both by Mike Grell which is always a good thing.He hasn't drawn every issue which is a pity as the book always at least looks great when he draws it.My concern is more with the story, which reflects the main problem with The Warlord comic in general,as it just seems to be treading the same ground it's done numerous times in the past.I had hoped when Warlord returned it would alter the status quo of Skataris a lot more than it has done and although Morgan has always been an interesting character the reluctant hero stuff is starting to wear thin.Grell really needs to take this in a completely new direction that doesn't involve bringing Deimos back from the dead so Morgan can kill him again. 
           Even with these negatives in mind The Warlord is still a fun comic just never a must have one but if you fancy a little sword and pointy cape with your superhero or your just a big Grell fan I'd recommend giving it a try.This is a good starting issue as big bad is back plus you get a recap if you aren't that familiar with the background.

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