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The United Nations has invaded Monster Island under the orders of Senator Munson. The leader, Capt. Sylvester Hammer is met by the Mole Man. The captain tries to tell the Mole Man that this is no longer his island. But Mole Man responds by awakening one of the giant monsters that give the island it's name.

The troops have brought weaponry ready for the Infinity Watch, but not something as large as what they face now. Mole Man then unleashes an army of Moloids armed with clubs. Mole Man brings the men back to their ship after he has clothes his Moloids with their uniforms.

Meanwhile, Warlock has traveled to the Goddess' subconscious and tries to bend the Goddess' will with his own spirit. She proves too powerful, her power augmented by the Cosmic Egg.

Mole Man arrives back on sure and he and the Moloids notice the Sun is growing bigger. It soon engulfs them, having gone nova.

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