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Warka slew King Urid, in one on one combat and thus became king of Tiran. (Although he never knew it he had a slight advantage in the fight.)

Major Story Arc

Planet Red Hulk

When Red Hulk fell through a worm hole and ended up on Tiran it was Warka who beat him into unconsciousness (for the second time in less than a day.) When Red Hulk awoken he was put in an arena to battle Kargus the Deadly, under Warka's orders. Unknown to Warka the Red Hulk had made a deal with Alturi and the Red Hulk was never given a drug that made it impossable to harm Warka. The Red Hulk tricked Warka into the arena and beat him senseless. By doing this the Red Hulk became the Red King. (It is unclear if Red Hulk killed Warka or just beat him unconscious)

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