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Wario is the evil doppelganger of Mario and appeared in the comic "MARIO vs WARIO". Although his comic appearances are far and few, Wario has shown his strengths in the Wario Land series, and even created a video game developing company in the WarioWare series. He also appears as a new playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl, where he can be played as in his WarioWare attire or his plumber garbs. He often teams up with Waluigi, Luigi's evil double, but the exact relationship between the two mischief makers isn't clear.

Despite where or what series in which it may be, Wario's powers typically revolve around his herculean strength. (As an example, note that Wario typically punches and pile-drives his foes where as Mario sticks to stomping.) His power is immense to the point that, for two games in the Wario Land series, he was virtually invincible, eliminating all possible "game-overs". In Wario World, Wario's list of moves were nearly all beat-'em-up tactics, save for the obvious jump and run.  Some other skills he has displayed are as follows:

  • Rushing through solid surfaces such as brick without taking any damage.
  • Using various power-ups in a manner similar to Mario.
  • Using certain types of enemy attacks to his advantage, such as using fire to become a blazing juggernaut, or transforming into a zombie/vampire.
  • Eating a clove of garlic to become Wario-Man, a state in which his speed and agility are enhance immensely and attains the power of flight.

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