Team » Warheads appears in 64 issues.

    Originally agents of MyS-Tech, over time some of the Warheads rebelled against the evil organization. The most prominent version of the Warheads was Tigon Liger's squadron Kether Troop

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    The Warheads have been divided into numerous troops, most were very short lived. Here are a list of the troops and notable members of each troop:

    • Bina Troop: Matt Travers, Diana Rogers;
    • Cesad Troop: Colonel Jane Sumner;
    • Gebu Troop: James Cleveland;
    • Hesod Troop: Colonel Mary Kidd;
    • Hod Troop: Colonel Henry Morgan;
    • Kether Troop: Colonel Tigon Liger, Stacy Arnheim, Athena, Bell, Che, Cale, Corey, DaCosta, Desdemona, Draft, Dreyfuss, Duncan, Evone, Gregory, Grierson, Johnny Heaven, Jenna, Clementine, MacManus, Martinez, Leona McBride, Misha, Moxham, Perez, Prizzi, Ross, Sapperstein;
    • Kockmar Troop: Colonel James Sands;
    • Malkuth Troop: Che, Boot;
    • Net Troop: Colonel Arthur Drake;
    • Tiffaret Troop: Colonel Bonnie Reid;
    • Ubu Troop: Colonel Bonnie Reid, Grierson;
    • Unspecific: Hawthorne, Chalmers, McElroy, Takeshi Otomo, Peters, Samuels.

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