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Warfist is a member of the Avatars and servant to the Mandarin. Warfist and his Avatars would come into conflict with Force Works when they try to free Tony Stark from the Mandarin's fortress. Warfist would place Julia Carpenter in a crushing bearhug during the fight but he gets knocked out by a drain cover thrown by US Agent. Warfist and the Avatars lose this scuffle and Tony Stark is freed from the clutches of the Mandarin. The Mandarin's goal of world domination is thwarted when Iron Man infects him with the techno-organic virus. Warfist and the Avatars vanish when the Mandarin meets his apparent demise.


Warfist was created by Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett and Dave Taylor in 1994 and first appeared in Force Works # 6.

Story Arcs

Civil War

Warfist and the Avatars would resurface in New York and they are wanted for opposing the Superhuman Registration Act. A destructive battle takes place on the streets and the police are assisted by the Heroes for Hire. Warfist comes into conflict with Shang Chi but the master of kung fu breaks the Avatars' leg and overwhelms the club bearing warrior with his superior fighting skills. Warfist and the rest of the Avatars are defeated and placed into the Negative Zone Prison Alpha.

Powers & Abilities

Warfist has enhanced strength and is skilled in martial arts. Warfist also carries a spiked club into battle.


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