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well...that was something...

Ok. I got to say I'm not as impressed with this comic series as I was when it first started out.

The Bad

I've expressed several times in the past that I thought the writers could have done more. I still believe that they could have used even larger visuals than those seen here. The adventure seemed exactly like an episode of the show. What I would want to see is something they CAN'T do on the show. something that CGI would have a hard time creating. If they really wanted to attract my attention they would do something that would leave me saying, "Wow! that was so amazing!" They could do something literally earth shattering, and yet they choose to do an adventure which seems really similar to General Zaroff's hunting practices (if you don't know who I'm talking about Google him...then you'll understand my previous review's title as well). I just thought they could have done more with this series.

The Good

Even with the not so strong plot, this series does not change any of the characters or concepts of the show. It stays quite true to the show, but then the writers for the show are the same writers for this comic...

the art is pretty. It has a unique style.

The end is fairly good. I do feel the fact that Claudia--a woman--needs to be saved near the end seems cliche, but I digress...


If you like Warehouse 13, then probably you would like this series. If you don't like the show...this shouldn't be your first choose for a series to get.

I guess I'm just hard on this series because I do want it to succeed in the genre of comics. It seems like a series that could do well in comics. I admit the concept of a lost cache of artifacts is alright. I sort of wish they could have done more so the series could become a hot sell. I don't know if this did well. I don't think it did judging on the lack of attention the ratings for these comics have gotten, but who knows...

Its an alright series. very interesting...

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