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Claudia gets her time to shine!

If you read my previous review (two months ago or so) on issue #2 of this series you would know I really wanted to see some more of Claudia Donovan...well I got my wish!

Spotlight on Claudia Donovan!

This issue is very fun. Myka Bering is methodical and Pete Lattimer is...well...Pete Lattimer, but they don't seem to have the same flare as Claudia. Claudia is hacker who uses artifacts to her advantage to get the job done; something which Pete and Myka rarely do. Claudia also brings her wit to the issue, so its very amusing.

One disadvantage of this comic

I love this series, but it does have its drawbacks. This comic is written by the writers of the show, which does give it the feel of what a regular episode would be like. I love that they are making this comic so similar to the show, but I think they could do more. They are able to do so much more stuff in an illustrated world they could ever hope to accomplish in a live-action setting. In making an episode, they are limited to what the actors can physically do and what CGI can accomplish. But, in a comic, they are only limited to what the artist can illustrate. They did try an issue or two ago when they had an artifact destroy a whole town or city, but think about it: they could have the characters go anywhere; do any thing. The sky is the limit (and even that may not stop them). Hopefully, they will learn that and do something bigger in the next three issues.


I can not say enough about how unique this art is at least to me and the writing is wonderful (if a little narrow minded). I'm a bit annoyed with Dynamite for publishing this every-other month, because that just leaves me waiting and I don't think that is good for business. If I were Dynamite, I would step up and be more confidant about when I would publish issues. Other than that, this series is good and I look forward to reading more. It does seem like I was right with my previous assumption. Hopefully they won't leave me waiting when the final issues come and the story begins to move faster.



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This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. The special effects are bad and the dialogue and acting can be over the top at times, but damn I look forward to watching this on my DVR every Tuesday morning. I've been curious about the comic. Who is the writer?

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@longbowhunter: well, they keep changing writers, but this is how it looks:

  • this issue: Marque Franklin-Williams & John-Paul Nickel (haven't created pages yet)
  • #2 issue:Mike Johnson & Ian Maddox (need to create a page for the later)
  • #1 issue: Deric A. Hughes & Ben Raab

All of them seem to be writers from the show, so it has the same feel to it as the show has (if that makes sense)

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