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Up in smoke! (or: 13 reasons to read this series)

Guess I am in a list making mood. Any way, lets begin:

  1. The Art: The art is fantastic! Mr. Ben Morse actually makes his art look like the TV series this 6 parter is based on! Not only that, but his style is really quite graceful looking. Its very different from the styles I have seen before. It doesn't look like regular pencil and ink. Its like the artist has a paint brush or something, because I don't know how they could get some of these curved edges which I think would be impossible for me to image a pen doing...and yet it most likely is...Just wow!
  2. The Writings: This is not one of those TV show adaptations where the writer throws fans for a loop by making the characters so different from the original material. I mean, these are the writers who actually write for the series and it does really feel like an episode (albeit a short one)!
  3. Based on a TV show: As I said, this is like the TV show. Warehouse 13 is TV show about agents who work at an Area 51-like place which holds artifacts which affect the world around them
  4. The Artifact: The writers really do their homework when it comes to artifacts. They usually find a person of history and then give them more of a fictional object which will be found in the present with supernatural powers. The person is the pirate Edward Lowe and the object is a an ancient Hindu Prayer Censer, which could give the possessor the ability to turn people into smoke (for them to be put in limbo as it were).
  5. Sherlock Holmes and Watson: Most TV show episodes have something which is said at the beginning and then repeated throughout to provide comedy. In this issue, that thing is Sherlock Holmes and Watson. So throughout the issue, both Myka and Pete argue about who would be Holmes and who would be Watson. Being a Sherlockian, then I enjoyed this part of the issue
  6. Humor: One thing which is enjoyable about the show and now with this comic series is the humor. I mean Warehouse 13 is not a very serious series. Sure it has its moments of seriousness (like sticking a sword into one of the main guys, and then him almost being blown up…), but it usually has an amusing tone
  7. Pete Latemier: One of the characters who give the show and this comic this amusing tone is Pete Latemier. Played by Eddie McClintock, this character is comical. He’s like a child in the way he jokes around with people. However, when the time comes for action he’s ready.
  8. Myka Berings: If Pete is the comical one of the team, then Myka is the serious intellectual one. Think of bookworm with a gun and you have Myka Berings. She is played by Joanne Kelly on the show.
  9. Claudia Donovan: Claudia is a nerd. she can take apart anything and make something completely new. She once hacked into the whole warehouse when she was miles and miles away. Played by Allison Scagliotti, Claudia has a wonderful sense of humor and livens the place up whenever she's around. although she had not been as major a character in the first and second issue, base on the cover of #3 she'll have her time to shine
  10. Artie: James bond had M and the league of extraordinary gentlemen had...well...M (different one), but the warehouse agents have a force known as...ARTIE! This man is the leader of the group and he commands authority while acting older than the other members of he team. As I mentioned before, I find it funny that Artie is the one who is often stabbed and almost killed. Poor artie...
  11. Nice Plot Twists: Like most great shows, Warehouse 13 has great plot twists, like an agent decides she's going to leave, someone seems to die (of course, Artie...), or some plot twists you never saw coming. When I starting reading this comic series, I actually didn't expect them to have the same plot twists. I mean, the sort of plot twists you usually see in an episode are at the end of an episode, so it is surprisingly they managed to get the twists in there. In some of the TV adaptations (like say Batman Beyond), the plot is simple and to be expected. But here, they managed to slip in a red herring (actually a grey haired herring) which tripped even me up. Actually didn't expect it, though I should have.
  12. A bigger Story Along the way?: There is some something coming near the end of this 6 part. i can feel it in my bones (Hey! I must be like Pete!). There are questions which have gone unanswered in this issue, such as: where did the artifact come from? If Artie is asking it, then you know something is going to happen relating to that...Look forward to finding out!
  13. Come On! Its Warehouse 13!!!: Ok, so i am out of steam and don't know what else to write, but this is a good series on the tube (TV) and in comic book form! Enjoy!

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