Ward Meachum

    Character » Ward Meachum appears in 31 issues.

    Brother of Harold Meachum and uncle to Joy Meachum.

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    Ward Meachum was a brother to Harold Meachum and uncle to Joy Meachum. Following the death of his brother, Ward assisted Joy in seeking vengeance from Iron Fist. They assumed the martial artist had killed Harold. Actually Harold was only humiliated by Danny Rand and had commited suicide.

    In time Joy and Rand reconciled, deciding to run Rand-Meachum Industries as partners. The power-hungry Ward conspired against them to take over the company. In his last known plot Ward allied with Super-Skrull in a plot which would gain them the rule of several planets, including Earth. The lonely Ward was also promised "the most beautiful woman in the Skrull Galaxy" as a spouse.

    However Phoebe Marrs convinced Ward that "beautiful" by Skrull standards would be horrific by human ones. Assuming the Super-Skrull had fooled him, Ward betrayed him. He payed the price by being incinerated alive. Unknown to him Super-Skrull had been honest with him. He had convinced Lady Tenelle, a beautiful ally of his, to marry Ward as part of a political alliance. Ward's paranoia had lost him a chance at happiness.

    Other Media

    Tom Pelphrey will play Ward Meachum as part of Marvel's Iron Fist series on Netflix.


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