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Shadows of Ice: With Tyri's assistance, Kalec, Anveena, and Jorad travel toward Aerie Peak in order to reach the dwarf, Loggi, a cousin who Harkyn Grymstone said could remove the magical circles surrounding the latter two's throats. But as they fly over the mountains, the party is attacked by an undead dragon, a frost wyrm. Anveena wakes in the company of the tauren, Trag, and the undead figure of Baron Mordis. Mordis befriends her, warning her of the dread creature, Ichor, and the Scourge. It is Ichor, he claims, who is power behind the frost wyrm. But Kalec awakens to find dwarves digging out the remains of frozen beasts and discovers that Mordis is having them do it. Meanwhile, Tyri and Jorad escape from being frozen in ice, only to fall into the hands of Ichor. Ichor is seeking a crystal known as a dragon eye, a magical device used to animate a large undead. However, it is limited to only 1 or 2. The piece was stolen by a Forsaken, Baron Mordis. Mordis senses some power inherent around Anveena. He cares not what it is, only that it can help him amplify the power of his dragon eye and make it able to command an army of powerful undead beasts. With them, he will sweep over not only the Undead Scourge, but the living as well. As for Anveena's companions, he seeks to turn them into Forsaken when the time comes, obedient to his will. For that he will also need the eye. Jorad and Tyri discover Loggi a captive of the Scourge. He is to lead the vilains to the other dwarves. Loggi thinks he can remove the bands Jorad describes, but he'll need his tools, which are back by the other dwarves. Of more immediate concern however, is Tyri, who is in a feverish state, apparently affected more by the frost wyrm's magic than Jorad. She struggles in her bonds and when Ichor seeks to silence her, her unfocused magic lashes out. Kalec finds his way to Anveena, but is captured by Trag before he can reach her. The Tauren wants to believe that his old friend still has some good in him, but finally allows Kalec to take Anveena away. Mordis punishes Trag, leaving him for dead. Meanwhile, a shadowed figure arrives on the mountain. At the same time, Tyri's momentary fever subsides, but not before Ichor's attention is drawn by the cave. Mordis decides to take action and unleash the frost wyrm. Tyri tries to stand against it. Ichor's undead battle the dwarves and Loggi sacrifices himself for Anveena. Jorad saves Tyri by leaping on the frost wyrm and plunging his blade into the skull, but Mordis resurrects another beast. Ichor and Kalec both seek out the baron and end up doing battle. Kalec sends Ichor to oblivion, but Mordis prepares to do the same to him. However, a wounded Trag seizes the Forsaken and the power of the eye destroys the old castle, taking them with. Kalec tumbles earthward and would die, but is saved by a spell seeming to originate from where Anveena and Raac are. Anveena looks at the winged serpent in wonder. But as Kalec descends, a figure emerges from behind Anveena and slaps her hard on the head. Raac is seized in a black box. Kalec hits the mountainside hard enough to stun him and through groggy eyes sees Dar'khan spirit Anveena away. He manages a spell that knocks the box from Dar'khan's grip, but nothing more. Then, vertigo takes over and he can only watch them vanish. Tyri and Jorad find him and, with the dwarves unable to help with the neckband, they use Raac, who seems to sense the proper direction, to follow Anveena's trail, which leads directly to what was once Quel'Thalas...and is now the Plaguelands.

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