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    Warborgs are dead soldiers reanimated with cybernetics and mutated flesh through a Russian counter-nuclear assault protocol. Instruments of war, they have battled X-Force as well SHIELD.

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    Brief History

    The Warborgs are a collection of Russian developed weapons made up of deceased Soviet Union soldiers and animated with cybernetics and mutated cells to counter-attack enemies in the event of post-nuclear war. Designed during the Cold War by geneticist Constantin Racal through stolen bio-tech by a since renegaded CIA spy cell of the late fifties called CUCKOO, the Warborgs are derived from Meatspore Stormtroopers; cellular and robotic blobs that reproduce and cannibalize other organic materials. The prior bio-tech weapon proved unstable and unmanageable to Russian scientists so it was incorporated to living and dead bodies to endure nuclear fall out if either the USSR or USA were to engage in deadly combat. The living counter-agents, Russian Sleepers, were deployed during the mid-years of the Cold War as brainwashed American citizens suspected sterile from their mutated cells as nuclear surviving agents in the event USA experienced a nuclear attack. The dead bodies overhauled on the bio-tech were Warborgs.

    The Warborgs have since in their development been secretively regarded to select national and international law enforcement agencies such as S.H.I.E.L.D. and their developer known by Nick Fury.

    The X-Force would come to conflict with the Warborgs as early as the year 2000 under the roster of , Warpath, Cannonball, Domino, Boom-Boom, and Bedlam in a revisionist anti-spy crime cell of Pete Wisdom's development. No longer a paramilitary core for mutant co-existence, the latter formed X-Force was designed to act as a vigilante squadron against secret societies and black operation war crimes outside legal systems; it no longer came down to fighting war and peace but of secrets and lies. In Pete Wisdom's efforts to mature the X-Force only later had him killed by a criminal spymaster and paranoid mutate named Dr. Niles Roman.

    Russian special officer and prior X-Force ally Valentina Rychenko would come to be assisted by the X-Force in California after attempting to flee an assault from a set of Warborgs in her attempts to assist her father, Constantin Racal, in deactivating and killing mutated Russian Sleepers in the American outposts near nuclear arms facilities. In effort to prevent the Russian Sleepers deep programming from activating and causing another international war. What had not been expected was that the sleepers, thought sterile, had children which also carried derived and more stable genomes of bio-tech cells passed onto them leading Constantin Racal to set means of suppressing the childrens' genetic triggers to give them a normal life. The X-Force intervened with this operation as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. to stave an international incident.

    It would later be revealed that the Warborgs deployed to kill Valentina Rychenko would be forwarded by Dr. Niles Roman himself to which the X-Force volunteered through S.H.I.E.L.D. to assassinate in a black operations raid near Germany guarded by Warborgs as frontal guards. In a final stand-off to prevent Dr. Niles Roman from generating an army of bio-engineered soldiers from mutated cells of the Russian Sleepers children, the X-Force set to destroy the base whole only to be intervened by Dr. Roman stating the operation was an anti-alien invasion cell. Despite the lack of suffice proof, the X-Force sought to have Dr. Roman extradited to trial until Valentina Rychenko was revealed a Life Model Decoy with a bomb that destroyed the base under controls of Romany Wisdom to her agenda of a Communistic and cellular controlled human race experiment. X-Force escaped the blast to later overtake Romany Wisdom's operations before becoming disbanded and hunted as vigilante terrorists before the reveal of X-Statix. Peter Wisdom would also reveal himself alive mysteriously in his own agenda to revenge his sisters' actions.

    The Warborgs have not since been seen or used to any other government or political entity.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Warborgs are enhanced dead bodies incorporated with mutated flesh and cyber-optics to give them super-strength and speed above a normal human as to withstand and overtake Warpath. They have the ability to exist in post-nuclear environments with shielding from electromagnetic pulses and photo reflective cells to absorb or deflect harmful forms of light/ radiation. They can protrude barbs from cannons formed from their right arms as well as laser beams. They can at close quarter combat protrude spines from their bodies laced with a neurotoxin that can kill or weaken most super-humans of some invulnerability or super-strength. They have a computerized memory bank able to recognize faces and interact with other Warborgs from great distance from radio communication. In their disguised "Rawborg" form, they can assume human form to some time as peace officers for infiltration purposes until triggers in their system revert them as "zombie Terminators" to kill or apprehend select targets. They are resilient to suffice in nuclear fall-out areas as to function at a loss of 80% of their organics and can withstand standard arms fire from most guns.


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