War Woman

    Character » War Woman appears in 27 issues.

    War Woman was the only female member of the original Guardians of the Globe.

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     War Woman was an founder of the original Guardians of the Globe along with Darkwing. She was based off the DC Comics character, Wonder Woman.

    In her first appearance she was revealed to be a lesbian, and her mother recruited a rock-man to send for her rebellious daughter. War Woman rid herself of him, apologized to her lover and headed to the Guardians of the Globe base in Utah after receiving a Priority Alert.

    There she was brutally slaughtered along with the rest of the team by Omni-Man

    The second woman to take the name, War Woman was another member of the Amazon colony that was discovered by explorers. While the original War Woman intended to be peaceful, the second one believed in destroying the cruel world of man, more importantly all men who have ever wronged a woman or society. During the main attack on the Guardians of the Globe by the Order. War Woman discovered that El Chupacabra had committed adultery with his wife and was now drinking his sorrows away. She decided to end his life, in which Chu greatly accepted until Cast Iron jumped in her way and took the axe meant for El Chupacabra. She left leaving Cast Iron dying.

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