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Clarissa Moore aka War Witch
Clarissa Moore aka War Witch

Residing in Steel Canyon, a metropolitan region of Paragon City, Clarissa shares an apartment with martial artist Hernando Barrera, who is otherwise known as the hero Apex. Like with a number of witches in Paragon City, War Witch belongs to a coven and often communes with them through deep meditation, normally contacting them in times of need and council.  
When War Witch's coven is murdered by Requiem, the Dirge of Entropy, she engages him along with Apex and Horus. This encounter would proved to be fatal as she eventually dies by his hand, but not until she weakens him enough to allow her two comrades to defeat him. 
Despite her death she is can be seen in ethereal form offering guidance to would be heroes.

Powers & Abilities

Ice Blasts 
Extrasensory Perception 
Fire Manipulation 
War Witch has the ability to manipulate the forces of magic.

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