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1. "Darling, I think we ought to be saving..."

2. "[Hullo, Knobby--Hi Joe old boy--"
Joe Palooka  

3. [Say boss]

4. "Look, folks!"

5. Dogpatch goes 100% for U.S. War bonds
Li'l Abner  

6. "[Boss, I'd be glad to accept..."
Winnie Winkle  

7. "For Victory, Buy United States War Bonds and Stamps"
Green Hornet  

8. gags
Victory Laffs  

9. "[Where you rushing to, Smokey..."
Smokey Stover  

10. "[Wotcha doin', Fedora?"
My Mama Done Tol' Me  

11. [What's the big idea?  

Rube Goldberg's Inventions 
12. Your Dime's In the Army Now!

13. Nashing the Axis
poem with cartoon  

14. A Good Idea

15. Young America Helps Win the War

16. [Ah'm eighteen y'ars old!
Small Fry  

17. Private Joe Palooka Says--
Joe Palooka  

18. [What's the idea of your li'l brother...
Reg'lar Fellers  

19. "[All set for the dance, Mary?"
Little Mary Mixup  

20. "[Aren't I beautiful, Hap?"
Hap Hopper  

21. His First Thought
Rube Goldberg strip  

22. There's another cartoon finished...

23. [Peanut! --Is that you--? Working!!

24. "C'mon, folks! Hop on um bond-wagon!"
Big Chief Wahoo  

25. Mom's Best Birthday Present

26. [What! You say you buy a U.S. War Bond...
Smilin' Jack  

27. "Nina, we give our country's enemies..."
Gasolene (sic) Alley  

28. "[Hurry, everyone!"

29. [I knew it would woik--

30. "[My son, your pop is just about the smartest man I know..."
Sweeney and Son  

31. [It's just a little piece of paper--
Dick Tracy  

32. [Everytime you lick a war stamp...
Flyin' Jenny  

33. Do We Deserve Them?

34. Any Bonds Today?

35. [I guess I'm too old to enlist--
Timid Soul  

36. Ahead There Lies Sacrifice For All of Us    



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