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Ana is a dystopian survivalist and forager of the post apocalyptic eco-research enclave called The Grove. She is regularly tasked by the tribe and its leaders to gather supplies needed for keeping their habitat percolating, as while they are largely self sufficient they still require the usual outside intake of extra components to keep their equipment and facilities functioning properly.

It is the War Mother's; a title handled by their grove's duly appointed scavenger, duty to head out of home territory to go spelunking for the other five percent to help fabricate their 95% technological reproduction.

Armed with a self aware Positron A.I. Rifle, she takes to traversing the deadly and dangerous world of 4001 A.D. for the purpose of self defense against other enemy scavs. Rivals and adversaries to the other tribes of the dead world. To compensate for her efforts the Grove leader Sylvan provides her with a surrogate family of her own due to an odd permutation of Ana's which cannot sustain nor produce life.

Because of this she's also incapable of procuring any diseases or parasites from her routine jaunts outside the compound she calls home.

While out on another gathering assignment War Mother stumbles across a native of New Japan, a young boy bio-engineered to be the perfect offspring of his proginators. When her employers at The Grove refused to accept the child of the fallen floating city sector due to their capitol law of bringing back anything living.

She opted to abandon them due to their unmoving dismissal, after which they attempt to coerce her back into obedience. When Sylvan holds her at gunpoint with her own rilfe, Flaco; the PT intelligence operating it shoots him dead. Afterward both she and the boy she rescued are welcomed back to the grove.

Abilities & Equipment

Flaco: The sentient battle rifle created from repurposed Nu-Japanese technologies within the Grove. Powered and initialized by her handheld interface device, said armament is fully autonomous with a host of analytical features custom weapon conversions.

Such as advanced area scanning/target marking, audio language translators, internal time keeper and scav item's listing for whenever Ana's out on the hunt. Flaco also boasts a slew of ammo types and weapon apps the rifle can switch too on command.

  • Extending Bayonet: Has a spring loaded cutting blade for melee application.
  • Boom Round: High-Ex incendiary shells which explode on impact.
  • Clean Up Mode: Flamethrower application for sterilizing work areas.

Controlled Toxicity: Ana herself has some kind of venomous element that she seems to control and project at will. Able to fatally poison any biotic life-forms that come into physical contact with her, this makes her an ideal gatherer for her clansmen due to her body being inhospitable for nurtering or sustaining life forms and symbiotic entities.


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